Off Camera Secrets | Dark Souls – Boundary Break

Hey guys! Actually had to edit down the intro this time around! if you want to see the directors cut. Heres the link!:

Limited run of the official T-shirt:

Two Button Crew interview:

The song at the end is Bravely Second “Battle of Providence”

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This episode was a nightmare to make. I hope it came out ok! Let me know what you guys thought of the first PC game episode of Boundary Break!


  1. it would be great to see a video like this commented by one of the developers of dark souls so he could explain why the floating door is there……
    it's never gonna happen

  2. Is this darksouls 1 and is it on PC? I've beat ds3 and I tried to go backward and play ds2 but it's not the same. I'm on ps4
    For the record, I've been playing games since Atari, I'm 46 , and ds3 was the beat game and the hardest game ive ever played. But I'm sad because now everything pales in comparison. Hurry up and make ds3 please except let us keep our characters . Lol. Oh and stop making us lose our shit when we get killed. You bastards .๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿคฃ

  3. after watching this video i think its even more strange. Before i got it on pc i would play it on the 360, i think it would lag a little here and there but i don't remember it being too bad- except blighttown. Its weird to me that the area with the background being huge rock walls lagged more for me then anor londo- the area with a literal city rendered out around it

  4. I hope that one day video game developers realize how much gamers are interested in the secrets, extra graphics, mistakes, Easter eggs, and everything else fun about taking the camera anywhere you want in their games. And then they make it an unlockable in games for completing everything… perhaps with messages tucked away as another reward. Iโ€™d love that.

  5. You don't need to use any special tricks to get to the bolder dropping giant you can just jump legit and go murder him

  6. Shame you guys never covered Seath the Scaleless' room. Not the chamber deep down in the caves, but the one you first encounter him in. Is it the same exact room? Do you wind up in a different room when entering the archives? Because when facing him as a boss in the first guaranteed death encounter, he has half the room covered in massive crystals, but when you come back later (such as when trying to find Big Hat Logan), the crystals are all gone and you can walk through most of the level.

    I've always been curious what exactly happens here. Does the mesh for his boss fight get removed from the overlapping of the level? Is it a different room only loaded in before beating Seath on your first trip through his archives? Guess I'll never know.

  7. 9:39 Falling damage. She dies from ANY source of damage at all and that includes falling on her, which is usually quite harmless and only irritates NPCs in the Souls series (unless done repeatedly).

  8. Anor Londo was proof that you could make a giant, beautiful landscape filled with detail without resorting to too many cheap tricks. Ash Lake was proof you could provide less detail and make the players piss themselves.

  9. I found out Gwynevere had no ass when I teleported her into the hall in front of the O&S room with cheat engine to scare invaders, she also looks weird in normal lighting. Also my game crashed harder than ever before

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