NVIDIA's Medusa DX10 DirectX10 Demo @ Nvidia GeForce GTX 780Ti

Спустя 6 лет, решил проверить как идет данное демо от nvidia на GeForce GTX 780Ti (ранее проверял на 8800GTX )

The Medusa demo is a NVIDIA’s interpretation of the legendary snake-headed woman who’s venemous gaze turned her victims to stone. You’ll see we’ve taken a few liberties on this mythological tale.

– Full cinematic short story rendered in real time featuring multiple characters in a complex environment.

– Emotional character facial animation implemented with “texture buffers” allowing for unlimited blend shape combinations.

– Realistic character rendering with multiple passes for shadows, skin shading, depth and color accelerated with “stream out”.

– Dynamic stone “grows” through the generation of geometry on the GPU using “geometry shaders”.

* Texture Buffers, Stream Out and Geometry Shaders are all features of DirectX 10 which is fully supported by the GeForce GTX 2xx product line.

PC Conf: Core i7 4770K@4400Mhz/GeForce GTX 780Ti AA4 AF16 +VSync/16Gb DDR3/SSD Plextor M5Pro 256Gb/SB X-Fi/Win7x64/ShadowPlay


  1. Brilliant concept. Medusa was a beautiful woman before being cursed by a goddess or some creature for having sex with the latter's father. The authors referenced that piece of Greek mythology with the seductress.

  2. 1st of all Medusa's tail would not turn anyone to stone so anyone with a brain should know their greek mythology that her eyes have the power to turn a person to stone if 1 were 2 look at her face.

  3. He's getting turned to stone because he's a douche bag who went there to kill Medusa. The chick is choosing to turn him to stone, and that Medusa is gorgeous! Instead of going there with a blade to kill her,– Kay, she just did the face change. Still attractive. Instead of going there to kill her and piss her off simply by trying, I'd try to go there with some flowers, throw in an apology on behalf of mankind, throw out a blanket, and have a chill little picnic or something. She'd probably dig that. n.n

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