nVidia’s FIRST SLI Gaming Setup! – RECONSTRUCTED

What made the very first SLI system awesome?

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  1. did anyone else realize that there's a screen next to the camera with words and every 30 secs he puts his hand under the table and pressed some kind of button.

  2. Lol, you have the exact same LanParty SLi connector I had back in the day. Ironically because of the limited compatibility of SLi with games I went with ATI instead.

  3. had sli the year it came out, I never had the problems you speak of,and i went sli with 3 other set ups through the 2000's.

  4. My father had one of those ugly Asus cases with a bay door and a dual xeon system inside.
    Still dont know what motherboard he was using. Would LOVE to know though.

  5. I recently got an alienware area 51 m9750. From a tech trash bin. Had to replace hdd and ram. But it came with sli 7950s. All working great again

  6. I'm not proud to admit that I almost got my parents into a lot of trouble when I was like 13 with Azerues. A studio wanted to level charges for piracy against them but once it was explained to them that it was in fact, their 13 year old downloading stuff they dropped the charges as long as the client was never used again on our IP.

    Moral of the story: Don's bit torrent (without a VPN) Kiddos!

  7. I actually prerfer SLI. This is my first SLI build, and I haven't looked back. I'm running two 1080TIs (bought used on craigslist, each for around 500). My graphics score in Firestrike is 50k…The setup decimates a single RTX 2080TI and RTX Titan by a long shot, for hundreds less.

  8. He's right, I found the same conclusion, higher the load, the better the scaling. It also helps to pick the right card. You need to make sure if you had games that didn't play well with SLI, pick a card that's good from begin with. nVidia drivers were ALWAYS a nightmare.

  9. SLI has saved me soooooooo much money except for an electric bill… that suffered unfortunately. OH those cards are so expensive (buys last year cards that just got price slashed that were a fever dream upon release and ran in SLI) now I don't have to upgrade for a good 5 or 6 years! If it weren't for Direct X changing so much, I'd be able to get more out of the cards. I know it!

  10. i had 2 gforce 9800gt in sli. 2009 – 2017 then added a gt610, 2015 – 2017 rip, now im a single 1050ti. It's a lonely life now.

  11. this brings back memories it is almost the exact same system i had and som days it just dittent want to run annything and next day all fine

  12. I remember paying two thirds of my weekly check as a electrician for a flag ship back in the day. I remember two or more people coming by for drivers to be loaded when I powered it up for the first time and we all competed for better systems but cheered each others purchasing of new technologies. We would also cover for each other the the wifes would go nuts about a courageous buy. Man I miss the good old days.

  13. OH OH OH! Was that a golden orb cooler on the chipset? I wanted one of those so bad for so long!.. um.. still do actually, thoe id probly put it on one of the ras pi2's >.>

  14. Old video, but that case isn't modified. I own the same heavy freaking case, and it has a sidepanel with a hole for a fan.

  15. 3 years.. i am now using a rig of 2 gtx660 ti and it works perfectly even now , i should thank a modern game designers i guess, last 10 years grafix is not changed alot

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