Nvidia Stock Analysis 2019! Is NVDA Stock a Buy? πŸ“ˆ

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Nvidia Stock had some big news today – so is NVDA Stock still a Buy in 2019? Is it time to buy Nvidia Stock in 2019? Let’s do a Nvidia Stock Analysis to find out! It was about 2 months ago that NVDA came out with their Q3 2018 earnings where they lowered their guidance due to weak outlook in Q4. This was a drastic revision, as they dropped the guidance in revenue from $3.4B to $2.7B – a 20% dropped and they also stated that this could fluctuate 2% or so, depending on market conditions. This of course caused the stock dip to lows we haven’t seen in a while, and brought it down to the $120’s.

Well this morning, NVDA CEO came out and lowered guidance AGAIN – this time lowering it to $2.20B! This makes it another 18.5% dip from the revised $2.7B number, much more than the 2% they were predicting. And of course, when looking at the original number of $3.4B, this makes it a 35% reduction! Now it’s all starting to make sense why NVDA dropped so significantly at the tail end of 2018 here and in 2019 as well.

But does this mean NVDA stock is now oversold after this crash? Is it time to buy? Watch the video to find out my thoughts on this.

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  1. Im stuck with them from 240$. Its my biggest position unfo and im ready to take losses at 200$. A) The gaming cards need some time to shine probably 2 years. B) LAST BUT NOT LEAST : DO NOT BELIEVE THE A.I MABOO JUMBO Huwaei , Google , Facebook and NVDIA are advertising. If u want AI see the videos of the ones who program it. UNANIMUSLY they say 50 years Ben Goertzel in Joe Rogan ( China leading AI co ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qfB8clUIaY&t=3405s , Lex Freedman ( AI head in MIT ) Joe Roganhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNO7QwGZKic. For now A.I is MARKETING for idiots like me ( in 50 years even Elon Musk will be long gone)

  2. I’m a Nvidia stock holder at bought no so long ago when shares were at 157. I’m planning on buying more shares now that it’s valued a bit lower .. think it’s a good time to buy

  3. Looking to grab this at $100-105 a share.. it is not at the bottom yet! Great stock to hold for long term and they will definitely rebound as more autonomous cars come out.. Also.. AMD

  4. My predictions are that this stock was way over sold. I bought 20 shares at 135 and I'm holding. My gut says this stock will not touch the 120s. 52 week low of 124.00 was probably the lowest it will get I'm guessing. Apples news on Tuesday may be already factored in to this price but let's buckle up I'm ready for the ride. If it reaches 120 I will be buying 20 more shares.

  5. I have been listening to the hype around this company for the past 2 years. I definitely would not invest in this company. Mainly because I do not understand the business enough but also these types of companies are unpredictable compared to other solid and stable companies I prefer to invest in.

  6. If we get a China Trade deal (which I think will happen in the next couple of months), do you think that would be enough of a catalyst to get this thing back near the 200 range later this year?

  7. I am not a NVDA investor but I agree with you that this sector is not going to do well this year. However I do plan to buy some shares in this sector tho. It's going to come back very strongly

  8. Nick – I expected a bunch of videos on NVDA today and looks like you're the first for the channels that I follow. Congrats! My opinion on NVDA hasn't changed for an investor with a 3-5 year or longer outlook (like you and me). I still feel the best strategy is to slowly average in over the next 6-12 months (no need to go all-in right now). I currently have about 20% of desired position and will likely be adding another 10% to that this week. This will allow me to average down from my current position in the $150's. I initiated current position much too early in hindsight. Made a hasty decision as I wanted to get back in after selling my prior position around $275. Dumb!! Trying my best to stay disciplined and deliberate, sticking to my plan as I believe NVDA will substantially exceed prior highs 3-5 years out. Near term? Likely more pain to come, is my guess, which is why I'm averaging in so slowly. Full disclosure – I also own long positions in INTC and AMAT in the chip space and am considering positions in KLAC, MCHP and possibly QCOM as well. Cheers… Thanks for the video!

  9. I think both bull (long term) and bear case make sense for this company. My biggest concern are profit margins, which had exploded in the last 2 years. They used to have a much lower margin if it reverts, then the pe is not going to be at 17 anymore…. Their growth with datacenter/auto is in cyclical sectors as well. I think the possibility is rather high for the stock to drop another 50% if we see an economic slowdown. If that happens it would offer a very fine entry point as possibly 70-80$, before that i see too much risk in the stock mainly cause of inflated margins.

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