Guys, we all know that the Nvidia shield is probably the best Android box that’s available. this is episode #4 of my NVIDIA SHEILD setup playlist. In this video, I show you how to add adaptive storage to your box. I’m doing these videos because I know that a lot of you either bought a shield recently or is planning on purchasing one.

Guys, here is the SSD and Adapter that I’m using:

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SATA to USB Adapter/Enclosure:

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  1. I recently purchased a second NShield. How do I transfer/copy my apps from the first NShield to the second NShield. The first one is setup perfectly and I plan to use both NShields but in separate locations. Thanks.

  2. Hi if I fomart my HD on nvida shield and later on I want to add avi files can I hook it up to my computer and drag files on to it

  3. My old external is playing up so I got new seagate external hd ,what do I need to do to format new one as shield not letting me do the format ????

  4. I purchased a Corsair USB 3.1 flash drive ssd for my Nvidia shield ut been having some serious Lag? I read a bunch of people are having this problem using external drives with the Shield have you experienced any lag?

  5. I bought a Nvidia shield less then a week ago and received a message already that it was running low on storage, So i installed a new Sandisk 3.1 USB thumb drive for external storage, Then i noticed right away a difference in performance so i did a internet speed test and the speed decrease tremendously. The Nvidia shield is running sluggish not sure why.

  6. Two questions
    1. What if i start shield with usb unplugged?
    2. Will adoptable feature slow down the shield?

  7. what's up with cinema hd, looks like new update and every time try to install it crashes and closes out app, can use old one cause update keeps showing up, k anyone have any info on this

  8. Under removable storage, mine says "my passport"
    I have the WD passport 2tb
    I don't see the option USB to add as internal storage option
    What do I do to change that?

  9. Hello, I have problem.
    I have 16GB + 64GB on pendrive samsung.
    But samsung is some slow. On samsung are files with saved games progress. I do not want play games again start lowest level difficult. Also I prefer nothing uninstal.
    Then how change samsung pendrive 64GB and move all files on ADATA 128GB (SSD m.2 usb 3.0 with enclosure external) ?

  10. Man thanks for making you videos on the shield short and to the point. Some guys on here like to waste time. I am running shield 2015

  11. Not sure id you will ever read this, moreless reply back. I am wondering if you can do this to a Gen2 Fire Tv Box?

  12. I tried using a Seagate 1tb 3.0 solid state drive and it wouldn't let me use that as internal storage, I am already using a Scandisk ultra fit 3.0 USB drive but I think I'm going to go and get a Scandisk 256 gb 3.0 usb drive and move my storage over to there when I purchase one and use my Seagate usb drive for my Rom/I SO files for my emulators and I also have music videos and other files that I might keep on there.

  13. Great video. So if I add an external 3.0 USB storage to my 500gb pro shield that's 2TB I would be adding to the existing storage and not replacing correct? I just want to to clear on what happens to the built in storage.

  14. Hi. I plugged my 128gb sandisk usb into the back of my Shield, but its not showing in the Storsge&Reset options. Any idea why this is not working? Thanks.

  15. So nividia shield not have spdif port so what the best and new usb adapter that support fully dolby atmos and dolby true hd and dolby 5.1 and 7.1 and dts x and dts hd master i want new product

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