Nvidia Shield TV as a HDHomerun DVR! Raspberry Pi as a Kodi Playback Device!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – SiliconDust is making progress on their DVR software, offering a new release that makes the Nvidia Shield TV Pro function as a standalone DVR and server for Raspberry Pi’s! See more HDHomerun content: and subscribe!

02:00 – Overview of the HDHomerun DVR
03:25 – Playing back recorded content
04:17 – Discover section / channel guide
05:45 – Recording tasks
06:12 – Tuning live television
06:38 – Traditional channel guide through Android live channels
07:00 – Android client running on a android device
09:10 – Using a Raspberry Pi as a DVR client and cable box
12:45 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Purchase early access to the HDHomerun DVR here:

The Shield TV Pro in this video is running progress builds of both the record engine and the playback client. Other devices on the network can connect to the Shield to stream recordings from it.

The Pro version of the Shield has a 500GB hard drive that’s ideal for recording. You can also use adoptable storage on the 16GB version to have an external USB 3 hard drive handle the storage responsibilities.

In this video we connect a small Android game console as a client and even get a Raspberry Pi to connect to the Shield TV. Both devices can watch recorded and live television as well as schedule additional recordings.

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  1. Lon,could you please tell me how to get hd homerun to contact me.I have tryed contacting them now for the better part of a week.I have a quatro homerun and my ota is terrible,I have another tuner analog sylvania and gets locals great same location and antenna.Thanks Rick

  2. If the nvidia shield can push out video to other clients, RasberryPi, FireTV and the like, will it deinterlace the video before sending it out? This would fix the FireTV/Stick lack of hardware deinterlacing.

  3. Hi Lon, Folks have spectrum cable, want remote streaming live tv. Would you recommend installing Plex server from a HTPC or a Nvidia Shield? Thank, great videos! Subscribed & tweeted.

  4. What can I use or get to record live tv from nitro tv or gearstv

    Also to record movies off terrarium tv or my Kodi cyclone 1.5 build
    Onto my Nvidia shield 16 GB or firetv newest model

    Thank you

  5. I'm looking for foobar2000 mobile or KODI on Nvidia Shield TV application for phone to navigate and control my music in CUE + FLAC/APE format

  6. No Guide = Joke. There are too many solutions that have valid T.V. Guides, to try to suggest a T.V. application is "ready for the shelf" and it not having a T.V. guide… is an insult to people. It's a shame SiliconDust has yet to figure this out.

  7. Hey Lon, on the Nvidia Shield im getting a good amount of lag when watching HD channels. By lag i mean the picture kind of stutters at a pretty constant rate. This happens on the Grey app, Green app as well as the Live Channels app.
    My shield is hard wired so i dont think its a network problem. Ive also tried tuning these channels on my smart tv through DLNA and all the channels play just fine.
    Any suggestions? Thanks Lon!

  8. Lon, now that HDHR DVR supports pause/rewind buffering of LiveTV, it's basically got all the features I was holding out for… I'm almost ready to jump in and subscribe, but before I do, can you comment at all about what this means in terms of how multiple simultaneous users affects PC resources? Would you expect similar performance/limitations as Windows Media Center regarding the number of clients ("extenders" in WMC) that can operate simultaneously on a given PC/record engine?

    Three WMC extenders almost always works for me; four often doesn't.

    The purchase of three NVidia Shields and one Google Nexus Player, and the HDHomeRun View's ability to completely bypass my PC and stream directly to the client, has been a real game-changer for my household. My crash-rate has basically gone to zero. My concern is that with this centralized LiveTV buffering feature, am I going to now reimpose the same limitations I struggled with on Win7 WMC? And if so, can the "DVR" features quickly/easily be toggled on/off at the client, as to be able to alleviate the concern?

  9. Love your videos and this one peaked my interest.

    I currently have an HDHomeRun Extend, NVIDIA Shield [16 gig only], a RasPI running LibreElec and a Win 7 PC all running KODI. I don't want to keep the Win 7 machine on 24/7 for WMC/ServerWMC functions but currently that is the only thing which works for live TV and PVR on KODI. Why? Don't know.

    If I add the HD DVR to the NVIDIA shield and add a 2 or 3 TB USB 3 drive will all my devices be able to map to the USB drive through the NVIDIA Shield?

    I find the HD app for KODI never works on any device but WMC/ServerWMC works fine.

  10. I'm putting together my first remote playback equipment and here's my parts list:

    Raspberry Pi 3 with case
    MPEG2 decoding license ($3)
    Flirc in conjunction with Logitech remote/s to achieve Wife Acceptance…
    Keyboard for functionality not included yet?

    Do these things come with software already installed or do I have to choose what to install first?
    I'm assuming that the keyboard uses bluetooth?
    Any other gotchas?

  11. Hi Lon. I'm ready to cut the cord, but had a question about set up.

    I currently have a Shield TV Pro (with an ethernet connection) and an antenna plugged into my TV for free OTA HD content.

    What do I need in order to start using SiliconDust's DVR & streaming software – in terms of hardware and software? I will not have a cable/satellite subscription, so I'm just looking to record OTA HD content. Thank you.

  12. I went with your recommendation of an NVidia Shield.  I'm very happy with that recommendation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsdfkhwAYr4).  Thank you very much for that.

    I see here that the NVidia Shield can also work as a DVR.  Correct me if I'm wrong; the shield will place recorded programs into a file residing on NVidia's internal or USB attached mass storage.  I perceive that the storage that is accessible by the shield is much smaller than what can be installed in a Windows computer which is near limitless by merit of cheap expansion.  What I would like to know is, can the NVidia Shield record to a Windows folder perhaps via a network share?  Or the Windows box moves or copies from the Shield to the Windows folder.

    Currently I think my goal is to have the Shield drop/move/copy recorded video into a folder on Windows where Plex media server running on that Windows box, will find the recording during a library scan.  Is there a better solution?

    Currently the Windows computer is running Windows 7 home edition but I wish to avoid Windows Media Center for DVR for a some reasons.  1.  I want a consistent presentation back on the Shield between videos available to record and recordings available to view.  Presentation needs consistency since my technology challenged father at 70, must have the fewest number of special cases to deal with.   2.  Windows Media Center soon will no longer be supported.  Evidence this is true is observable in Windows 10 where the Windows Media Center is not available and Windows 7 will soon not be supported.

    I have spent a lot of money over the years (thousands over 10 + years) trying to find a good solution only to find with each purchase that the solution is not integrated well enough for my father.  I want to end the constant buying but am still open to spending what I need to, to reach a final or best currently available solution.

    What would you do for yourself as Windows Media Center begins to be viable no longer, while hopefully, optionally, using the NVidia shield?

    Loving your channel!

  13. Hey quick question. Is there any way to run the DVR recording service on a raspberry pi? Ideally the recorded shows would be saved to an attached storage that is connected to the pi and function as a standalone DVR. Is this at all possible/going to become available on rasbian jessie or even kodi?

  14. Lon, you didn't cover where to get it or how to invoke it. There's a new HDHomerun DVR beta in the play store – installed on my shield against HDH Prime – no changes visible from the old view app – what the heck is supposed to be installed or configured? I have nothing that resembles what you showed here – it would be helpful to take a step back and explain where to get the software, and how you configure it.

    You went to great lengths to point out your relationship with silicon dust and n'vidia, yet this is still a commercial for a product that, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't actually exist.

  15. Has it been stated whether or not adding a secondary HDHomeRun into the mix for additional tuners would result in a increased subscription cost for the service/guide?

  16. If the Shield can run Kodi, what is the benefit of running Kodi on the Raspberry Pi? Or would it be for TVs that the Shield isn't connected to?

  17. Hey Lon, i got two questions:
    1. Is there a way to set DVR recordings on the go?
    2. Do you use or know of any software that can edit out commercials on recordings?

    Thanks again!

  18. Hey Lon, I got the hdhomerun prime set up and paid the $60 for the DVR software. How do you get the shield to recognize it? Whats the setup process?

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