NVIDIA SHIELD TV – 6 Must Have Accessories For the NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Purchase an NVIDIA SHIELD TV –

4 of these are must haves and the other 2 are definitely cool if you can get your hands on them!

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1. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse –
2. USB Cord Mouse –
3. SanDisk 64GB Micro SD –
4. 2TB Western DigitalMy Passport Ultra –
5. Samsung 4K & Free soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and here’s the link to the soundbar
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  1. +greggles so you mean, I can also use the shield for browsing and productivity? I ask this because I read somewhere earlier when the shield was launched that keyboards are not supported and can't install apps normally like any Android machines.

  2. its been a few months since this vid.. do you have any more recommendations just got my nvidia shield need mouse or a mouse and keyboard in one .. whenever you can let me know

  3. Helpful vid . Can I use smartphone sd card in nvidia sheild tv ? and if so do I need an adapter for it or the card simply fit. Thank u

  4. I know you said that amazon fire remote works do you know if the amazon five voice remote work with it as well ?

    great vid by the way

  5. Hello i have the very same hard drive you suggested, however when i try to open the files it just says its empty. The hard drive is in the NTFS file format. What am i doing wrong?

  6. Hey there, i have one question for you as an nvidia tv user. Im going to order this beauty next week and a curious about that, can i connetct two bluetooth devices at the same time? Like a wireless bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse? If you could answer me, i would be soo happy

  7. Great video, if i could suggest an app that can replace the keyboard function or remote option. The Android TV Remote App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.tv.remote&hl=en) in the play store is totally free and has a built in keyboard. Works great, no lag, wakes up the device, tv & turns to the correct input. Also the remote app can control Kodi. For a more feature remote for Kodi (Kore or Yatse). All free, but definitely check it out. Works great the shield tv and nexus player regardless of the reviews.

  8. I was wondering is it possibleto play order and chaos online with this device??? I know the gamepad mapper works for playing but could it work with the stat/missions screen

  9. I appreciate all your videos. Once I get my Nvidia TV I will be all set! Does the amazon tv remote have the ear bud feature so I can listen from the remote not to disturb anybody?

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