A quick overview of the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 when being using with the DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 controllers.


  1. Sold!!! Great review, what holder are you using to attach remote to tablet. The tablet seems to handle at ease. Been looking for a while, you have solved my problem. Many thanks!

  2. JC.  Will Fatshark Goggles work with this tablet?? Initially you say yes in your video, then you go onto post that not you can't use the Fatshark goggles with the tablet.  Which is it??

  3. Hi JC, What do i need , to use the Nvidia Shield for FPV? I want to buy a Mavic 2 Pro , but their GogglesRE cost arround 500 EUR! And do i have the same functions in FPV with the Shield? And what would be the best Goggles then!? …best Regards!

  4. Hi guys!!!!
    My name js Rob
    I need help…
    I have a Mavic and the shield k1. Previously I used my Samsung galaxy note 4 for taking pictures with my drone without any problems.
    With shield the pictures saved on my drone SD card….not on the shield. How can I set up if I want to load the pics straight to the tablet???? Instead of my drone?Help me please…
    Kind regards:Rob
    Sorry about my English.

  5. Hi, Thanks for the Video, I went and bought a K1 off the back of it. Only trouble is, I can't connect to the RC. Which port do you use on the K1? What type of cable, and what sequence do you follow for connecting up. Help will be VERY much appreciated from ANYBODY as I'm really worried I've blown a lot of cash on the Shield.

  6. Hey mate,how did you solved problem with RC battery discharging due to charging the tablet when connected,i have Mavic pro and Nvidia shield drains battery from RC pretty quickly?

  7. Nice video mate. I want to buy this to use with the fatsharks but reading a lot of issues regarding the android 7.0 software??

  8. Newbie here, buying the new Mavic Pro platinum next year, been looking for a tablet to do the job, one question…
    Will I need the tablet to have a SIM card to enable GPS mode?

  9. FWIW, my Fatshark HD3 goggles handle the hdmi output from Nvidia Shield just fine.
    Headplay HDs as well (both are only 720p goggles).

  10. I cannot get nvidia k1 to connect to phantom 3 advanced camera either with Litchi or DJI Go. I get maps fine. I am okay with android phone and Asus tablet. I noticed that I don't get the option of Litchi vs. DJI Go when I load one or the other. Can you help? I just got the Nvidia due to your youtube video above. It has to be something simple.

  11. Nice video, thanks. I've been using the K1 for quite a while now (since the P2) and I use both for the Mavic and the Spark. About 95% of the time I fly with Litchi as the GO4 app seems to always crash at critical times, not often but enough that I don't fly FPV with it. Lichi on the other hand never crashes so I just use it for visual flights and of course the mission planner. I call it the poor man's Ipad but I didn't buy it because I'm poor, rather because I'm not fond of the fruity "I" company.

  12. Hi, I have a question. As I am very interested in this tablet for my Mavic, I wonder if this tablet fits in the remote, so the tablet is right underneath the remote.


  13. Have you tested to see how high you can get and still be able to load a waypoint mission, etc. I have an Asus Zen pad and cannot load missions over 40M up. the Asus has a 10 inch screen which is one of the few that are half decent but not great.

  14. My K1 Sucks battery down on my Mavic controller, not sure about P4, So far no fix, The K1 charges off of the controller, as if it was plugged into charging station,and contacted DJI, DJI answer was K1 not on their list of compatible monitors!

  15. Looks good while controlling it from indoors….. what the Shield look like outside in the Natural Light? Is it that much better than other Tablets?? I mean for the MONEY they want for it, it should SMOKE the others…. Thats my 2 cents,,, as a standard I follow if I CAN'T SEE the DIFFERENCE, why PAY the Difference ? Thanks for your video.

  16. hey Jordan. when i use my k1, i keep getting the message top left in dji app …aircraft disconnected…. . i do not get this error with with my samsung s4 phone. would you have any tips.got 3 different usb cables of the best kind. i like the tablet but cannot risk the disconnection all the time. thanks.

  17. I saw on your videos you connect your shield to the Fatshark HD3, now the shield outputs only 1080p 60Hz and the fatshark accepts only 720p 60Hz, what did you do to make them compatible?

  18. thanks for the video. your the only video that uses both dji app and litchi app. may I ask what operating system are you using? to have both dji and litchi apps to work. thank you for any help you can provide

  19. I bought the tablet used off eBay it has 7.0 Android update. My Phantom has been updated as well. It works but will crash when operating at times. I have to restart the App. It did twice last time.

  20. I bought a Nvidia shield K1 tablet. It crashed on my Phantom 4 Pro twice I had to restart the app. I notice the tablet is using 7.1 Android maybe thats why. I don't know what to do at this point.

  21. Hello my British friend!
    Thanks for the video. I just bought the NVIDIA K1 Shield tablet and have been having some issues with the built-in screen recorder. (The entire reason I bought it.) Two questions…
    Is the DU Screen Recorder better than the on-board screen recorder? And, do you use 'Debugging' with the DJI Go 4 app? (I am not an Android master, merely a 'user'.)
    Thanks again for an informative presentation, AND for opening my eyes to the FlightAware app. I immediately bought it! –Cheers!

  22. Hi Jordan ! Im considering to purchase the k1 for my mavic pro , currently Im using a Sony Z5 compact , quite small screen . I've been reading about the tablet and I dont know which model are you using , is it the 32 gb with lte connection , or just the 16 gb , would you recommend it ? a I would appreciate your guidance ! Cheers from Chile !

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