1. Oh yeah, this is WTF I'M TALKING ABOUT… I just love a band that can blend so many ways and put out such a great kicking song….job well done

  2. nonpoint podrán haser toda la música en versión español?…México necesita mas música buena de metal en español para qué no aya tanto reguetonero normalmente el regueton lo hasen en español por eso hay tanto reguetonero y acá no salen bandas buenas en español saludos estaría bien y lo hicieran sobre todo what a day lml

  3. I summon the council diamond tri force kanye west, nonpoint, sevendust, #2 Dr dre, Jay z, snoop dog, # 3 beyonce, arch enemy, rihanna……# 4 t pain , lil Wayne , lil jon ,,, those are my special angels and stars, #1 will soon be revealed…

  4. SISI, lo mejor de todo es lo de “ Mira YO lo ves, es el diablo´´ WTF es “Yo lo ves´´ 2:30 … XDXDXD ¿que significa “Yo lo ves? aquí en España por lo menos nada.

  5. Praise GOD, Nonpoint goes deep! Came across their acoustic stuff recently: was real shocked the attitude! Since I switched off my hard tunes in music and got into mantras and Meta Music for higher brain activity, I looked up for a decent and intense music without metal distortion – and here it is! Social flow of 2016 record, exposing music industry on Devils background, nice acoustic and lead guitar parts – such a grow of artistic and human being of Nonpoint! Best regards and much followers!

  6. no, it's because I don't take no shit and no one is smarter or has done as much and I have the highest clearance, period. The Presidents have a Boss, just like Carlyle, Mr. Hefner, then Mr.Flint, I don't get to argue, Dumbass. it's not like we talk. u understand I don't hear anything. it's not the stuff in music, I did that to Fuck with Otep. it's like stuttering in slow motion, at higher frequencies, long drawn out. I know it's right because, I can make traffic inc4ease when I want, understand?

  7. i think if youre gonna sing in a langauge that is not your own you should at least show some respect to it and learn right what youre gonna sing.

  8. totally underrated BC they don't sell out to corporate America like other bands such as shinedown and other fake ass wannabe metal bands,,stay true

  9. well nonpoint dice "cuidado no lo ves" y el idiota encargado de editar el video "puso cuidado YO lo ves" no es culpa de la banda.

  10. Seen NP this past Sunday at the Brady theater. As always, they kicked much ass and their sound punched us straight in the teeth. As a long time fan that has traveled to see them on multiple occasions, they fucking killed it yet again. If you have never seen them live, GET THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW AND GOGOGO!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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