No Cowboy is Safe! Red Dead's Biggest THREAT! | The SCIENCE!… of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

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In Red Dead Redemtion 2 you play as Arthur Morgan, a sharp shooting outlaw… who gets infected with tuberculosis. Before this game, I didn’t think too much about this disease. Oh boy, this things is INSANE! Not only is it a danger to the cowboys in this game, but YOU too! Let Austin TERRIFY you as we explore the SCIENCE of RDR2!

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  1. I just donated 10 dollars to tbalanice because of this video to most people in the western world it’s a McDonald’s meal but to the people that really need it it’s the difference between life and death

  2. Im a huge fan of this channel… but i am supper disappointed that spoilers weren’t addressed at the start of the video. I recently got RDR2 and am about 1/2 way through chapter 4 and one of the first things i hear is how Athor died of a deseise… just a shame that’s all.

  3. Did you have to include micahs death scene and dutch busting out that cabin at the end FOR NO REASON spoiling the game with zero warning Austin? Really? Eugh.

  4. ”You see the counter that has been on this whole time in the video”

    – Yeah

    ”It’s real people who have died of Tubercolosis right now.”

    Pauses video

  5. Just gotta have some GODDAMN FAITH…… IN VACCINES

    As a side note, that little speech you had about Arthur's redemption at 9:44 to 10:18 was amazing and really made me at peace and come to terms that Arthur died happy and content under the sun on a grassy hillside.

  6. Malaria is worse: it happens in every tropical region in the world, theres no vaccination, its killed 1/3 of the entire human population (according to some sources) its still killing millions of (mainly) kids across the world.

  7. Could you try to figure out “The Strange Man” from the first game? There’s a lot of theories about him, and he’s pretty confusing. John shoots “ The Strange Man” 3 times but he wasn’t fazed at all. People say “he’s death” or “he’s god”. It’s pretty confusing but I think you might be able to make a good theory.

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