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  2. I think that the first Nintendo mobile game ought to be either "Pokemon Go" or "Pokemon Snap". What would be interesting is if something related to Splatoon was what they are planning.

  3. My guess is it'll either be a Mario game, just because Mario is the best selling franchise, or an Animal Crossing game since Nintendo is making those out the ass right now and they seem to do well and would make sense on a mobile platform.

  4. Metroid:hunters for Android and it's XD I know it wouldn't be called that but it would be cool to see a 3d Metroid for Android and ios and it could be a part of a major story for a new Metroid game for either 3ds or NX!!!

  5. So I'm probably wrong but sense there is a dragon ball z game for 3ds,isn't possible for goku to be a dlc? Probably wrong but just curious.

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