New Updated BEST OP Champions League of Legends Patch 9.6/9.7 Tier List (APRIL FOOLS VIDEO)

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Welcome to our Patch 9.7 Tier List video! Expand below for timestamps.

0:67 – Top
16:54 – Jungle
18:31 – Mid
7:77 – Bot
19:69 – Support

Background Music:

Voice / Production: Kellen “Exil” Pontius

Editor / Production: Anatolii “t0x1” Yarovyi


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  1. Very helpful, im currently Iron IV trying to get Iron III. It's very hard but with this Tier List i can finally carry my Team, expecially with Janna Jungle & my 0/10 Powerspike, I've ALWAYS been saying that feeding Yasuos are the best ones, im one myself always 1v9 after 10 deaths. Ty Mobalytics <3

    LUL legit this was fun to watch xD

  2. ok wtf mobalytics, there are 7 fucking roles in the game, yet you only show 5 of them in a tier list? What about the Korean afk bush role and the Fountain Guardian Role? I cannot believe you forgot in include those roles, literally, the worst tier list ever, jesus.

  3. Instructions unclear.I wanted to achieve master tier so I picked trundle adc.Unfortunately,I achieved challenger tier…

  4. Think mobylitics is losing its reach whole video made no sense just like its ratings on the past 50 games. Played support got wards out 33 plus vision score all games and their thing is telling me my vision is 0. Unsubscribed.

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