New PUBG MOBILE By Tencent | Game For Peace Pubg Gameplay

New PUBG MOBILE By Tencent | Game For Peace Pubg Gameplay

“Game For Peace” officially launched in May 8

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  1. This is pubg mobile with changes in no blood, corpses and violence as demanded by chinese govt. to monitize if pubg remove this all. So they have waving hand by killed person and no blood and corpses

  2. Dude the problem is that i dont understand that language and do i havr to learn japanese and i think thid is a late bideo i think or im not right

  3. Well everything changed, this used to be the chinese version of pubg mobile but the game is not verify in China, it means that all the players can't recharge money in it so the game its totally free and the company is loss for 2 years. They changed the game so that they will get verify and make money. Its actually kind of sad for the old players haha i started playing this game since S1 and now I've to start over again but some just decided to uninstall it, tbh the new updates sucks.

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