NEW POTENTIAL COROCORO LEAK? New Eeveelution Rumor? Pokemon Mobile Game CONFIRMED For 2020!

A potential new corocoro Pokemon leak has just surfaced showing a brand new Pokemona and also new information about Pokemon Sword & Shield, let’s take a look!

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► Pokemon Sword and Shield –
The new generation 8 games, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are set in the Galar region , an huge region based on the Uk. The people and Pokémon live together in this region, and they’ve worked together to develop the industries here. You’ll visit the various Gyms in the Galar region, aiming for the enviable and admirable title of Champion!

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  1. Rather than silly fan-fabricated rumors, we should patiently await the printed copy of the magazine itself.

    As much as I would like another Eeveelution, creating one just for the sake of a "completion gimmick" doesn't really respect what Eevee was supposed to represent as a Pokemon. So I can understand why Game Freak has been cautious about making another one. There have probably been many that were created by the art team over the years that got denied, or put on the back burner of a mother's "We'll see."
    Which–as anyone with sense knows–could go either way.

  2. La manzana no parece tipo eléctrico y menos solo por la parte amarilla de arriba 😂 mas bien me da la impresión de que podria ser el tipo bicho inicial. Y esto lo digo porque al parecer eso amarillo de arriba podría ser mas buen una oruga o un gusano entrando a la manzana. Por lo que esta solo seria como una coraza o cascara y no el pokemon en si. La eevolution tipo acero de eevee si se ve cool. Espero sea real 😭

  3. 8:40 the line is seen at 8:46. Look at the different shades of grey used on the tail of the eeveelution and the line is used to show a top of a slope in pictures.

  4. I would love that Steel Type and Flying Type Eeveelutions, but OH MY ARCEUS! I would love that Electric Apple Pokemon. Let me explain why. It's the Apple that fell on Isaac Newton's head giving birth to the theory of Gravity COMBINED with Thomas Alva Edison's Invented lightbulb.😂 It's hilarious and awesome and it TOTALLY seems like something GameFreak would do.

  5. The "Eeveelution" looks off. Like way off. Before you even showed that it's the same picture. I spot it right away. It kinda looks like a Glaceon color palette got exchanged and add a bit of a little add on to it. The coloring is also a bit off. Especially if you look closely at the ears. Also the tail looks a bit off. "if" photoshoped ya gotta make it a lot more better to make it real convincing. Quick glance I spot a slight error. Especially adding in some shadows along the inner of the ears. The tail is looking a bit off though. But other then that it would look convincing. Also don't ever use the same background as the battle that was revealed facing a Pikachu. Also to make it a bit more convincing, use a starter Pokemon facing the "Eeveelution". Also is it just me or is it in the area to be a bit early to show a Eeveelution? Like wouldn't it be shown like 2-3 gyms in?

  6. If those eveelutions are real im sorry pokemon were done. Because thats iron umbreon and a fluffier sylveon.

  7. I've never seen a pokemon in game close its eyes to use an attack, calling it now guys it's fake. However I do think a steel and Dragon eevee will becoming out for this game to sorta be a match up with Sylveon as well as match the region

  8. Dude! The CoroCoro magazine for now is'nt relate to Pokemon.
    Oh and the eeveelution leak is fake! It's the scene of the trailer with Minccino VS Pikachu.

  9. I hope if they do a steel type Eeveeloution, that they draw a more knight theme. Especially because the UK is known for its myths on knights and dragons.

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