New Nvidia Shield TV Imminent

New information in the Google Play Developer Console seems to show a new Nvidia Shield TV with updated hardware is in the works. Everyone agrees that the original Shield TV is hall of fame material.
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Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards
Guest: Raymond Wong

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  2. I love my 1st gen Shield TV. I hope Shield TV 2019 supports Dolby Vision though as this would make it that much better.

  3. Hopefully, come out nvidia shield tv and have 8gb ram and have internal memory of

    1st minimum, because the ps3 emulator came out for pc and maybe when the ps5 comes out, the ps3 emulator for android will come out

  4. All mine and others I've bought for others 2015 ShieldTVs work perfect and don't see anything a minor update would make me buy new ones.

  5. I'd add the original Chromecast as well. Still updated and still works perfectly for me

  6. The Nexus one was unequivocally the greatest Nexus for it's time. Not many people own it and that is why it's unappreciated.

  7. Nvidia Shield running Android TV Apps sucks if you want content…I use Xfinity for TV and Internet and Xfinity doesn't support Android TV for the Xfinity streaming app,. Good luck with HBO GO, or the Starz App. Xfinity is not listed as a provider so you cannot log in. If you are an Xfinity customer and you are looking for a streaming box go with Roku.

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