New Battlefield 5 Burnt Skin is Epic

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  1. I want santa claus uniform for xmas special.

    Bought this burnt skin on tuesday and stopped using it the next day because everyone has it already and the skin got boring for me. Also it makes you a big glowing target.

  2. I also like the Burnt skins, just had to buy it. Fortunately there's an once-off 50% discount for first time Boins buyers. In a moment of weakness, I bought it. :[

  3. They’re definitely more out-there and ‘tacticool’ than some people would like but at this point I honestly just go for outfits that look decent and badass. These skins are probably going to be a buy for me (maybe wouldn’t if I had For Whom The Bell Tolls and The Jackal, as theyre variants of them)

  4. Why does it cost real money??? Every skins should be free at this point.. Who would buy something to this game that is just cosmetic, like cmon Dice stop bullying us FFS.

  5. Just saw the Burnt bundle on my own console. It's indeed a cool skin but it should be free. In fact getting the Cavaleria is more tempting than getting the bundle. Unless it's a limited time only the Burnt skins aren't worth getting.

  6. One of the things I love about watching you is that you know exactly when you’re going to lose a gunfight and immediately back off to either go straight back at them unexpectedly or reroute. I find it really hard to not keep firing like “I can win it, I can win it..” 🤦‍♂️

  7. The burnt outfits look dope but I don’t think I’d get them because they glow and make you stick out more. When camo and low visibility is an actual necessity in this game, glowing outfits will just make you a target.

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