1. Matt Bomer seriously needs to release a music album. I don't care if it's original music or just him covering songs. Gorgeous voice.

  2. how come every time they show negative man they got to play songs that are either by gay people or for gay people he can't listen to str8 people or str8 situations gay people always talking about people putting them in a box basically but they want to be let free now you're putting negative man in a box and he can't be free I'm a heterosexual male and I listen to heterosexual people and heterosexual songs and I listen to gay singers and songs about gay people and situations why can't he do the same

  3. Watching this on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riot that is re-enacted at the end of this episode. We may not be there yet but we've come so far…

  4. Man I seriously relate to Larry, the fact that you're scared to accept your own sexuality when there are so many stigmas and hate surrounding your own preferences. Powerful. I hope one day I can release my negative spirit like Larry did.

  5. i'm not Bi or Gay, nor do i really support any LGBT stuff, (not hate it's just not my thing really,) but goddamnit i love this fucking scene for what it represents/symbolizes. i love Doom Patrol

  6. It's a testament to how great this show is that they crafted a scene that manages to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time.

  7. I still dont think it was fake. I believe he did sing but danny kinda screwed with him to get him to open up. Best fucking show ever. Thank you. I am still lonely and scared. Wish i could have an epic duo like this at my funeral.

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