1. I'd love some honest feedback on this video series! I want to do one of these every month. I tried to keep each section short-ish so the video wouldn't be too long.

  2. I Currently play FGO (my first and main Gatcha for over a year now) and AFK Arena, which i enjoy but am starting to get real annoyed with the amount of new characters they are making without providing direct summon banners for them. Like yeah FGO rates are tough but you can get away with just getting one copy of that character and they at least have rate ups that revolve around each character, afk has no rate up banners, the wishlist is questionable at best, and they don't do direct summon banners for new characters, so you basically have to be a massive whale to get new characters. I was admit i was pretty into the game at the beginning and was a dolphin for the game, but have been f2p for the last few weeks on it now. Other games i played/dropped were overhit (just felt boring after a while, and i always had to be on wifi for it), I re downloaded E7 for a few days but realized the commitment would take to much time away from F/GO so dropped it, as i am a decent size whale in that game. I think after playing for so long and trying different games at this point developers need to really bring something new or advanced to the table to break into the long term player base that the big titles currently have. I plan on trying out sino-alice and astral chronicles but going into them with a grain of salt.

  3. I personally dropped the same games you did altho I dropped E7 just because I felt like they weren’t making good choices when it comes to their updates. I do hope it will become better and resolves the issues it has but until then I’ll just keep checking up on it every so often. Fate/GO is still my top played mobile I doubt that’ll ever change. I’m looking forward to this months mobile games SinoAlice and Astral Chronicles looks promising plus with a Gundam moniker coming next month not high hopes for that as Bandai has been on downhill for a bit and might be a cash grab for Gundam fans.

  4. Thank you for doing this, I don't follow the mobile scene but every once in a while I like to jump into something to waste some time on haha, cheers!

  5. I had to stop e7 bc for my level it was just too much of a grind. The only thing about Revue Starlight is the gacha can be brutal. I've been fortunate to get some great units but you're right, hard to grind out the banners. I'm also playing GrandChase right now. Not bad. I have Another Eden waiting, haven't given that a shot. But still playing FFBE, mainly F2P bc I love the characters and the main story.

  6. i thought overhit was fun but it is really laking content right now. if they can bring some quality content i may consider playing it still. releasing a bunch of new characters means very little if you don't have any fun content to use them in. though agne is probably the coolest looking gacha ever!

  7. I've been playing Magia Record for two years on the JP server! "You might even lose your head" joke? Yeah. I got it. It hurt. ;-;

  8. OVerhit requires a wifi connection and will not work on my 4g network for some reason. The other problem is that it wont start anymore for me. Thus i gave up the moment the game threw in the pay 2 win costumes and the connection issue. NEXON did it again. Money grubbers and always lack the ability to run smooth servers and netcode.

  9. Epic seven is (and prob will always) be my favorite but I love these videos because I need other games to play so I don’t get burned out! I love games with good graphics, anime style and waifus lol

  10. Are the rates and the grind as bad as I've heard for Epic Seven? been playing Valkyrie Connect for a while now which takes up most of my time, but was considering trying Epic Seven just for something to switch to once in a while. Been avoiding it due to the bad reviews on the rates, grind, p2w lately tho.

  11. Dropped pretty much everything. Epic Seven is my main game, and will continue to be. Fire Emblem is a little sidegame to login/collect/summon/do whatever if I feel like it.

    And I'm waiting for SinoAlice to be the actual side-game when it comes out.
    I'll probably settle for those two for the foreseeable future.

    Revue Starlight is still installed, because the story and the characters are so nicely animated/written/voice acted, so I don't have the heart to uninstall. But I still don't really play it, maybe do some of the ad pulls.

  12. the only gacha game i played before epic7 was fire emblem heroes and i quit that once they started to go down more towards the pay2win path. Woulda loved to try fate grand order but not out in eu.
    Epic 7 tho tons of content , most awesome fight systems , very f2p friendly and its said that live pvp might come out this year so yeah its top tier
    Not to mention excited about world boss.

    And i hate to say this but while ur starting to get the hang of it. Most of the time u seemed to struggle with the game even tho u had some amazing units. Maybe thats why ur loosing interest.

  13. So is the gameplay in Raid all auto or was that just because you wanted to focus on discussing the game while leaving it play?
    Sounds much better balanced than E7(which wouldn't be hard, let's be honest) although the visual puts me off as well, haha. I guess I'm wondering if the gameplay is interactive or if it's mostly about building units?

    A bit confused by the links not matching the video content; not really a criticism of the video per so but consistency would be ideal.

  14. Loved Overhit but back to E7 for me main reason is this has got to be the biggest cash grab game ive ever played. I don't mind spending $ on games I enjoy but wow the prices and amount of Packs in this game is Bonkers! My biggest problem with it is you really need at least 4 copy's of a unit for it to be usable at least in E7 once you get the Hero you just gotta gear level it up and they are good to go! And 1 more thing is I feel the game is really Lagging and unstable that it feels unpolished, crashes multiple times daily almost unplayable.

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  16. I loved this summary video, and I look forward to next month's. I think either a section of games you'd like to try, or are looking forward to release/trying would be a good addition. I also think you could have some sort of visible checklist that you use to evaluate games in addition to just if you're enjoying it. I love the time you take to explain each game, even those you've dropped just in case someone else might get into it!

  17. The funny thing with overhit is that the reddit community defends those costumes hard saying not op and the stats have stayed the same for year. But if you open a korean history of the game, they've effectively doubled the stats of the costume each year.

  18. For me it's
    Knights Chronicle – Costumes cost gems instead of $$ now so.. I think its quite good for whoever wants to be a ftp.
    Danmachi Memoria freese – Just because I like the anime and from the 2 weeks I have played it, it doesn't feel like you even need to spend money here as well.
    I have tried Overhit as I have been waiting for like a year for that game to have a global release, but.. censorship, lower gacha rates, and the interface was just.. not for me lol.

  19. Have you played King’s raid ? I really like it for some reasons. The story and the characters plus the variety of contents it’s pretty good 🙂

  20. Games I am still playing:
    Epic Seven

    Games I am causally playing
    Valkyrie Anatomia and Lyn the Lightbrighter
    Magia Record and Heir of Light

    Games I seem to just log into:
    Alchemist Code
    Brown Dust
    Grand Summoner
    Shadow of Death

  21. I can't get into raid because it's just not keeping me interested but I played when it first became beta. Any tips on trying to play again

  22. Dropped Overhit for E7… for multiple reasons…
    Anime art style is better in E7, some of the character models in Overhit are pretty horrible…Ps2- to maybe at best bad Ps3 looking graphics, a new Costume gate is a Huggeeee NO-NO. So yeah, im deff done with Overhit.

  23. I'm still playing overhit cause i enjoy it but also keeping a close eye on the next patch cause depends on what happens might move on to something new, or just wait for sinoalice even though its gonna be this same company

  24. Loved this video, please make it a series. One suggestion – put timestamps in the description for people to navigate to 💡

  25. this vid is a good idea having more awareness of different games is cool you can try reviewing a first impression part of a game you haven't tried yet as a bit other that that keep up this idea its cool and btw so far im only actively playing 2 mobile games E7 and Fire Emblem Heroes do try that one so far its fun and i haven't spend even 1 cent on it and if you do play it casually you don't really need to they give us so many free summons that it' not necessary

  26. I think adding a "what to look out for" where relevant might be cool. So checking the pre-registration games for what you think might be something to look out for.

  27. Epic 7 has to be my most played mobile game i love it even tho the rates are very weird in the game i still enjoy the game

  28. Here's my comment on Overhit. I dint do a proper research on the game & spent almost 400 USD or more. In the early it's mind blowing game with good amount of gifts. But the problem is, packs started to come pouring in with overpriced values in it. A 100 USD pack with no selectable SSR heroes. Basically there's chances that that you will not get the hero you wanted. What's worst that many players & whalers are complaining are the gacha rate are being tweaked from the original content of Korean from 5% to 2%. That's a freaking BS for me. And they include a SR hero into SSR hero & still not fixed asap. They literally never bother to listen to our complains & just treat us like a atm machines instead of being customer. Pls don't talk about the pity system because the D Gem to roll is freaking expensive. And this game depends alot on duplicate heroes to progress. Unfortunately the rates are just insanely terrible with only 2%. Contents is just terribly slow as well. Many whalers also starts to stop funding the game due to the insane amount of packs & extremely low drop rates with expensive packs which is not rewarding. So called 1,2,3& 4 million celebrations are just recycled easy farmable heroes packs can be mind blowing price of 99 USD non selector 1 SSR random hero. Is this a joke???? Tbh nexon really really disappoint me. Never I will ever play any nexon games any longer. Since I invested kinda alot in it, I will just wait & see the next update. Just gonna be casual & quit when is time to. Only game that I really do enjoy is 7 knights. They did very well with contents & rewarding. Not too overly priced & it's still farmable for strong heroes. Just that it's really time consuming & too many contents rolling in.

  29. I'm currently playing:
    Dokkan battle
    Epic 7
    Strike force
    Dragon ball Legends
    I haven't picked up anything else yet

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