A The7WorldsGaming video of PUBG Mobile Gameplay and in this video I will be showing you my first ever PUBGM gameplay on ipad, is definitely a change but I think its an exciting change!


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The7WG presents a video

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  1. Yo, 7! To unlock the full power of the iPad you have to lay the iPad down on a table and play claw. And yes, the pad is a massive advantage. But it's not having vision hacks. The vector or good ping is an advantage. Most of the best are phone players, so go figure. Personally, I think once you play claw on a tablet you can't go back. Better than a controller.

  2. I actually play PUBG Mobile on my Android phone, but I would actually like to play it like on a PC. My phone kind of lags a little bit but it's still fun to play on. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  3. iPad is the only way to play. Spotting enemies is so much easier. The button configuration options are endless. I haven’t played on my phone in 7 months.

  4. Bah, I play on both ipad and phone, the difference is not that big. You just notice the advantages right now. For almost every advantage on the ipad theres another disadvantage. For every enemy you spot because of the big screen, theres another you miss because hes on the left of the screen while your eyes are on the right side of the screen. And that screen real estate for controls, as you said, is limited by the length of your fingers. And the more you space out your controls, the more time you use to reach them, slowing you down. The only serious advantage of the ipad is that it can accomodate people with weaker eyesight and rougher digit control And that it puts less strain on your eyes (but more on your arms and fingers).

    The bunch of new 8" phones coming this year, and the ipad mini, will reign supreme.

  5. put scope where peek is then put peek above scope and put prone on side where scope used to be then put jump under or next to scope and put reload below scope button

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