1. Juro por dios que nunca en mi vida vi un trailer intentar de forma tan ferviente haser quedar como algo impresionante a algo tan banal

  2. Pode canselar essa merda ai porque pesca não tem a minima grasa sony porque que quer que esse jogo lixo seja exclusivo so cansela essa merda

  3. Okay, the only thing I like about this is that I get to mingle with noctis on this, other than that, I am not much convinced of this game.

  4. A Final Fantasy VR game could have so much potential, If it allowed the players to do more than just fishing.
    Maybe if they add things like, Cooking with Ignis, or sparring with Gladio, and taking Pictures with Prompto, it can be a decent game.
    It wouldn't be the 'best game', but as a fan of Final Fantasy XV and the open world it offers, It'd be a decent game 🙂

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