MONSTER HUNTER WORLD – PC – 4K – 60FPS Footage & Preview w/Maximilian

Preview code provided by Capcom.

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  1. I have been playing this version since it launched and I can't stop playing it. Went from Bow to Long Sword to Heavy Bowgun and it still continues to be a blast!! Do you still play Dood?

  2. My friend has been recommending me this game for the longest time and today I thought I’d take a look at the gameplay and see if the game is worth buying, needless to say, it’s a yes

  3. Never played monster hunter before… So, this game is about looting stuff and kill monsters, repeat and repeat? There's no story or "main quest", you just loot for cool items and that's it? I will not deny that I had tons of fun with fallout 4 doing just that, facing "rare" enemies that drop "rare" loot. I believe the community even have a name for this kind of player, lootwhore or something, lol It's fun, but a whole game based on this aspect alone, I don't think that is really appealing tbh

  4. omg that loading…THAT LOADING! OMG! i actually envy pc players now, holy shit, the loading on a ps4 is so long i could go to the bathroom, take a piss, grab a glass of water and when i come back the loading barely finished.

  5. Wow being able to remove That fog at the begining is the biggest upside for me, aside from the 60 fps of course. It makes the darker areas like the ancient forest on rainy days look worse on the consoles.

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