Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Velkhana Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Let’s play Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! We face the fearsome elder dragon Velkhana and its icy attacks ahead of the final beta launching August 30.


  1. I thought there was a whole new map. Why is this back in the same area from the base game?…… "AlL dLc WiLl Be FrEe"

  2. I wonder if they balance the fight so it can actually be beaten by all weapons within the time limit. They didn't do that with Nergigante.

  3. "Hunting Horn: A support class that gets to get in there and wreck things from 'time to time'" Are they serious with this?

  4. Monster Hunter World has a great soundtrack, but I feel it's one of the weakest in the series. If the Velkhana theme is anything to go by, that's probably gonna change!!!

  5. Thanks for showing this, excited to see how many people rage quit in master rank xD.
    Sad to see you have most non-fans/non-gamers that are disowning the video and not following the guidelines, guess they can't read?

  6. Spending the days til Velkhana beta running an alt to HR16, to get a truly fresh-player experience of Iceborne, eventually. Gonna enjoy this in every way.

  7. Can someone use a range weapon? I don't think I've seen range weapons being used in these betas. Although it's understandable I guess.

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