Monster Hunter: World – Graphics Settings, Which one is best?

Monster Hunter: World – Graphics Settings, Which one is best? I analyze the three settings on on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. I find out which one gives you the most bang for your extra performance. Monster hunter graphics comparison.

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Monster Hunter: World – Graphics Settings, Which one is best?


  1. The only objective setting to keep OFF is AA. whether it is TAA, FXAA, TAA+FXAA or DLSS. All of them make the game look much much worse. i play on 1440p and the game looks so much crisper without AA.

  2. For people who doesnt have 4k tv, or small tvs I say go for framerate. For people that have 50 inch 4k tvs and up, resolution mode all the way. You're all wasting that tv goodness with that framerate mode for just a couple of fps. And 30 fps on resolution mode aint even that bad. A lot of games are 30 fps and it doesnt really take away tne enjoyment gamers feel about it unless some pc masterrace elitist starts to counts numbers and compare. Now you will feel inferior and bad about that 30 fps. Its a guy pride thing. Show it to kids and girls and they will all appeciate how beautiful and fun the game is. And will never complain about framerates

  3. Going from 1440p 165hz RTX 2080Ti on PC to 1080p PS4 Pro to play with friends…. was insanely jarring. Thanks for the video, it was sort of hard for me to tell what it resolution was doing when the PS4 Pro doesn't output 1440p and I don't have a 4k monitor other than a TV I don't use for gaming.

    I enjoy the game either way 🙂

  4. Thanks for making this quick, concise and informative video. Just started the game and was looking for this info!

  5. The menu screen is really not the ideal palce to be doing this comparison haha. The "enhanced graphics" mode hugely pushes out the distance things like foliage and high quality shadows and shading is rendered. Monsters animate better at a distance, dynamic moving grass and foliage is rendered much further away from the player and shadows are of a higher quality.

    For the love of god don't use a title menu screen for graphics comparisons, that's beyond idiotic.

  6. Literally right in the menu comparison with resolution vs graphics, I’m very surprised it wasn’t pointed out how much MORE you see in the image on resolution. Picture is cut out and smooshed in “graphics”

  7. Sadly in Monster Hunter you only have 1440p which is upscaled to 4k instead of native, that's why you notice less of it. But the bigger your TV, the better you want the resolution to be. The extra 10 frames aren't worth the setting. I rather have it be sharper until the PC version comes along. 😉

  8. The framerate outright removes many different objects from in the game. Something that might not bug people but if you started on the other two, you'll notice right away.

  9. well, this is strange…..

    they say the ps4 pro GPU is similar to RX 470

    and based on this:-

    we can see that 970 which i currently own have is a bit better score than rx470 even when it's made in 2014, the newer model can't seem to beat it…(still those test could've came from older software that did'nt get optimazed to date).

    still for an example when i play for honor, i notice the massive performance boost from ps4 pro to PC(weapon still sometimes disappear in for honor ps4 pro).

    now there is another factor to play, that the ps4 have an APU, which gives it mobilty in exchange for raw power(it's like having a laptop for Gaming only).

    now yes there are laptops made for gaming but those have independed CPU and GPU.(just like a desktop only with 70% of the original performence to gain mobilty).

    so basicly, the ps4 is a highly optimized Laptop for gaming, and we are getting a "good deal" considering that the current top APU in the market is still around 200% behind in perfromence to a 970.

    but just you wait, when MHW goes PC, you will see the spores on Anajth tounge as he Pins you down

  10. I was going to be getting a new large screen TV close around 50" and I've been seriously thinking about getting a 4k tv cause they so cheep these days but I have to wonder if (for this game) it wouldn't just be better to get a 1080p tv since on my little 34" tv I'm having to sit pretty close to the screen to see everything. I've heard that on a large 4k tv the game looks more noticably washed out and thus needs to be used with resolution but I really would prefer the best of both worlds, so, should I be looking for a 1080p large screen tv or a 4k large screen tv?

  11. I'm stuck on an Xbox One S…. I wanted to build a PC last year, then I saw GPU prices. I've got a budget PC that's not capable of doing any real gaming so unfortunately I'm stuck with this outdated console.. HOWEVER I use my decent PC monitor with my Xbox and running the game at 720p instead of 1080 makes a noticeable difference in framerate consistency (although I'd prefer 60 FPS at any resolution). 720p on a 28" monitor isn't that bad, although PC elitists will scoff at my using a console and a monitor but unfortunately money is tight right now and while I'm getting by I'd offer this advice to anyone not on the latest console, try running the game on 720p via the console display settings. It'll make everything a little less sharp but a decent display will make the most of your meager resolution, the benefit is a much more reliable game in regards to timing monster movements and that's #1 in my priority list : FRAMERATE > GRAPHICS FOREVER!!!!

  12. You should do a video of all the environmental traps in the game like falling rocks etc I’ve looked for a video about this and no one has done it. Would be a huge help I’m not sure if I’ve found them all

  13. Hands down to framerate. You can't even notice the difference when fighting monsters, i like it smooth. I got sony 49" tv on ps4 pro.

  14. Framerate for the win. Extra graphical bells and whistles is fine and all the first few days to maximize the wow factor… After that though, it's ALL about the consistent frames that actually impact gameplay!!!

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