Monster Hunter Generations (MHX): Switch Axe Tutorial

A full look at the move set for Guild, Striker, Aerial, and Bushido styles + all 3 level of each SA hunter art, then finally thoughts on each style as a choice over the other.
– You can do a morph to sword from the chop finisher by pressing R
– You can do a quick transition to the discharge after the AA combo in sword mode
– Reload in air is fast and convenient (all style, including aerial vault)
– Bushido evade while sheathed, it’s like a draw attack so X for axe, R+X+A for sword

Happy hunting!


  1. Ahh the switchaxe this and the kings word were my babies, but with world coming out….hmm I might be putting the long sword away for longer than usual….

  2. For weapons without an element in axe mode but one in sword mode, what are the values for that elemental damage while uding sword mode? Examples include the arzuros switchaxe which does poison or the deviljho switchaxe which has dragon element only in sword mode.

  3. The Switch Axe was the first weapon I got really good with and became my go-to weapon whenever I was getting into hard content and needed an edge. The speed, the power, the versatility of the SA cannot be overstated. It's one of the easiest to learn and definitely rewarding for the player to use. It has very little in the way of defense, which is good because it teaches you to dodge and find openings, and in MH Gens / X it combines very, very well with Aerial. You get only one Art, but it's more like flavoring. The discharge can be done with the jump but it's better to just save it up and use the Trance Slash Art which ends with the explosion attack as long as you have enough charge. The combo attack before the elemental discharge is really satisfying and really feels like you become a juggernaut for just a few moments.

  4. Hey gaijin do you know what each phial type does exactly.
    Like I think power phials are 20% more raw but what are the % for exhaust and elemental.
    And how to calculate dragon, poison, peralasis ?

  5. I recently broke HR cap, and all through the game, I found myself drawn to one weapon/style: Striker Switch Axe. The Demon Riot/Energy Charge combo is god, and using Castle Walls in the third slot is beautiful compensation for the lack of a shield…

  6. I like the arts, but I really wish they would've given the axe mode something in this game. I prefer using axe mode more and it feels like they were really biased toward the sword mode in this game.

  7. Thank god in mhxx the axe mode is viable again…was a sa main but didn't use it in cross due to the fact that you would only use sword mode. IM BACK BABY

  8. You always say watch out with the attacks that can knock allies into the air but I often use them, to everyone's surprise but delight as well, to hit them into the air right next to the monster when they're no ledges or anything around to jump off of. I know not everyone likes that but so far no one has complained about me doing it.

  9. Trance slash is actually so good (outside of brave in XX). you know why? Because mounting last long af and aerial SA is broken

  10. I love Aerial Switch Axe and find the Charge Art great for it but…. I can't help but wonder… is there another fun one for me to use that I could have as a secondary weapon/style? Anybody got any ideas?

  11. What's the name of the green switch axe in the thumbnail pic? Trying to find pics of it from multiple angles and also some transformation animation vids of it. I need this a.s.a.p. I'm designing a 3d printable version of this axe that actually transforms.

  12. I still haven't touched Generations yet, but these videos popped up. Just when I thought I would switch to Gunlance, I watch this video after it and now I'm thinking about staying with my Switch Axe.

  13. You missed my favorite way to go into sword form. If you press r again after pressing r for the spinning move then you will change modes immediately doing a slash. I don't know how you missed that being an even greater lover of the switch axe that me and My guild card says gotta use a switch axe. I'm not sure which styles are missing it but I think it is the same as the ones missing the finisher. I am also not 100 percent sure if the adept aks move can also be chained with an r attack but I fairly sure it can. Thought I would throw this out there so you can include that in your future guides.

  14. I was using this weapon not to it's fullest I'm afraid. I played through MH4U using switch axe and evaded a lot because of the amazing evasive windows that SA has. So I tried adept style because I loved evading, doing some research the best styles for SA is guild or striker because of the amazing hunter arts it has. I'm thinking guild style because it's familiar territory and I still get 2 hunter arts which at the moment is trance slash and demon riot. The only thing I need to learn is to use the sword mode more.

  15. One combo you didn't cover in your video tutorial, not even in your "missing" comment below – and it is a gamechanger:
    In Striker's sword mode you can immediately use X+A after the A side slash.
    So with Striker, you can spam the crap out of the elemental discharge, faster and more frequently than with any other style.
    Striker became SO MUCH FUN after I discovered that shortcut 😀
    Please add this info to your ***MISSING list!

  16. I'm sure you already know this, but your videos are enormously beneficial to noobs like me. XD Thanks

  17. I'm probably not the first one to say this but you left out some things in guild art. you can change after the round house finisher, and you can change after the double sword slash. with that said striker art is very reminiscent of monster hunter 3.

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