MMORPG Report Card 2018: Elder Scrolls Online | Did ESO Have A Good Year?

Did The Elder Scrolls Online have a good 2018? As it is the year end, I’m looking back at the MMORPGs I have played the most this calendar year to recap the content, and share my thoughts about the year ahead.

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  1. Noticed I left an overlay in the vid that said I still loved Lana. Nothing scandalous, was something from a previous SWTOR vid ;). Anyway! What did you enjoy the most about ESO this year?

  2. I finally took the dive and started playing the Morrorwind edition of the game. I was turned off for the longest time because I could never figure out how to go back to the very beginning of the base game. Now that I have figured that out I am FUCKING HOOKED!!!! Love this game! And now I have 4 years of content to play through

  3. I hope it's really good, I haven't decided to do an MMO in a long time and since it's on sale for a packaged version with expansions on steam Ima jump on it and start playing now.

  4. I love this game but I very much hate that questing is a hand holding quest marker riddled snoozefest most of the time.

  5. ESO had a good year financally and also it gained a lot of playerbase which is very good. Unfortunately game servers were not ready for this so lags, which irritated us all, got only worse. It includes everything, for example mass pvp in Cyrodil or Undaunted event launch. ZOS really need to invest into making their game more playable.

    Also balancing is pretty dull. They need to work with their audience and top players more because some changes they make are very annoying and make pretty unbalanced game even more unbalanced. Like their upcoming update which changes racial passives. It intends to make race choice more flexible but instead buffs all top races and nerfs all other. Like redguard who already was a king of Stamdps gets more buffed and Bosmers and Khajiits get nerfed. Now all top stamdpss will be redguard. Same with Bretons an healers.

    Overall game is developing, more dlcs, more content. I really hope though that ZOS wont milk playerbase too much because as this game was outsider on gaming market, they didnt try to grab money too agressivly because they knew that small playerbase wont tolerate it. I am absolutely okay with selling dlcs cuz they are avaible for ESO PLUS, and nearly all top tier MMORPGS have a paid subscription, like WOW or Final Fantasy online for example. Crown shop on other hand sometimes pisses me off because i would like to game itself have more cosmetic objects for making some hardcore achievements and not for just buying tons of lootboxes.

  6. The only things bad is they didn't fix laggy in cyrodil yet, maybe its my region connection or my cpu bottleneck, but others than that this game is good.

  7. Ok the free DLC just may bring me back to playing it…however the bag space…I have no idea on how to maintain it.

  8. Lag Lag Lag laggggggggggg game has gotten worse with no sign of a fix by the developers. Just new mounts and cosmetics to take your $$$.

  9. Yep all fun and good if youre not a vet. The rest of us are tired of zenimax' bullshit. They dont play their own game but constantly put balance changes out they know nothing about which is always a recipe for disaster. Lag and performance hasnt improved over YEARS. Literally you spam skill buttons multiple times just to get it to work once. The game literally becoming less fun, pvp is dead and all they keep shipping out are lackluster dlcs.

    Play as a casual and its an amazing game, but if you try to take it seriously get ready for some disappointment.

  10. I still log on for my supplies and my daily items.
    But damn is the game boring for me now. Did most things and it feels like in 1 year time I did all ESO had to offer.

  11. Thanks for the vid! I am thinking of purchasing ESO this week, and have never played it before. Which products/SKUs am I supposed to buy? Tamriel Unlimited, Summerset, Morrowind…I am assuming the first is the base game, and the latter two are the expansions?

  12. What ZOS has done this year with putting the base game on sale, Twitch drops, doing login & level-up rewards, increasing ESO+ benefits, giving away a DLC as a login reward, and letting everyone with the Summerset chapter get a free pet, mount, and giant house… It's really really smart from a business standpoint.

    How does an MMO make money? There are 2 basic ways: getting people to pay for a subscription, and/or getting people to buy things in a cash shop. Selling the base game and even DLCs/chapters/expansions is not how you make an MMO profitable. Those are loss leaders. Those are the things that you sell for less than what they're really worth (when I say "worth" here I mean in terms of the cost of producing them, keeping the servers running, continually working on bug fixes and other non-paid updates, etc), because you want as large an audience as possible to be playing the game so that they can pay for subscriptions and/or buy things in the cash shop.

    From that point of view, everything that ZOS has started to give away for free, and everything that they have made cheaper makes perfect sense. Every MMO ever has some degree of attrition in the player base as some players stop playing for whatever reason. Putting the base game on sale regularly is a good way to offset that and attract new players, but you also need to keep as many of those new players as possible. Regularly giving people free stuff keeps them logging in regularly. People who log in regularly are much more likely to spend money on the game than people who don't. You also need a steady stream of new content, and that content has to appeal to enough people that a large portion of the player base is playing it, because more content to play is the other big thing that keeps people logging in regularly.

    Of course, you have to find a balance with the free stuff, because you want it to be good enough that people want to log in for it, but you don't want the majority of those people to feel like they're getting so much for free that they'll never be tempted to buy anything from the cash shop. It feels like they're still refining things on that front (particularly with the drop rates for Twitch drops, and with the login rewards), but it seems like they're pretty close to the mark on that. One good example: the house that they gave away in the community event for everyone who owns Summerset. A massive impressive house like that for free may mean that a lot of people won't feel like they need to buy any other houses from the crown store, so you might think that would be a bad business decision. But wait! That huge really cool house that so many people got for free is unfurnished so tons of the people who got it for free will end up spending real money on furniture for it (others will just use crafted furniture and furniture bought for in-game gold, but enough will spend crowns on furniture to make it worthwhile).

    Whoever's in charge of monetization strategy over at ZOS these days is doing a damn good job, and frankly that's good for the long term outlook of the game. The way they're doing things makes the game very likely to keep a healthy population for years.

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