MMORPG News: Peria Chronicles BETA Announced, City Of Heroes Is Back! "Oath", "Pagan Online" MMOs

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⌖ We got a lotta MMORPG news for everyone this week! Twin Saga has a new update featuring new areas and a new Samurai class, Fractured is entering Alpha 1 Test 2, Guild Wars 2 finally opens up about their layoffs and the overhauling of their elite specs, Atlas Reactor is shutting down, new Oath MMO info, Albion Online’s new Outlands expansion and free-to-play transition, Bless Unleashed’s new class trailers, City of Heroes is coming back, Pagan Online’s launch into Early Access, Lineage II’s 15 year anniversary, Villagers & Heroes new A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion that adds a new Shaman class, Final Fantasy XIV’s new Final Fantasy XV crossover collaboration event with Noctis, Peria Chronicles’ upcoming beta test and finally, Ship of Heroes letting everyone know they have an expected 2019 launch.

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  1. Atlas Reactor is a good game but it probably should have been directly on Steam. Too many unnecessary clients and accounts.

  2. Hey just thought I'd clarify that completing the colab quest line in FF14 does NOT reward you with the car. The car is purchased from the in game casino, gold saucer.

  3. Problem i have with Bless is simple, WHY DID YOU KEEP THE NAME????! The game looks the same, has the same name and the same core. i dont care if its a different studio or developer, Bless left a terrible taste of betrayl and just straight rip-off.

    Also the pc community is waiting for the next big mmo, and a non-online game studio takes the core of the ultimate failure and makes it A CONSOLE MMOPRG!!!!!!!

  4. Got some more news (kinda)

    Since the closure of archlord 2 (webzen) in 2015. The source codes are finally public aswell. & First server is going up & running on the 26th of April 2019. After they had some closed beta testing. & Yes some things where missing but almost all are back/fixed

    Not big players on webzen but hey atleast we got it back. (Webzen shut down 4 mmos from 2015 to 2017) hopefully will be better aswell.

  5. Hey man, when are you and the fam going to put out the Aion review? I’ve been holding off on watching it until you guys play it.

  6. I'm excited for Peria Chronicles but Nexon and their IP blocking probably means i won't get to play it.
    (yes i know vpn exist save the comments)

  7. meh id rather not play test their buggy shit for free
    hmu when the game is in a state that allows the trailers to run with more than 11fps

  8. Wohoo! Peria is still alive! I wonder if Nexon knows just how many of us out here in the West actually wanna play too… Man, I sure hope it's gonna be launched out here within a year of the KR release… In other news, Kurtzpel should launch in about a week officially? Excited for that as well ^_^ (honestly, just curious to see if they took my advice and bug reports seriously)

  9. While yes, I did click because the whole Peria Chronicles thing. That CoH news ended up being a lot more interesting. Never played the game, but I knew how loved it was, so I knew that info would lead to something interesting. And Oh. My. Goodness was I correct. Yes the source code was released, but you should see why it was released.

    Now THAT ended up being some news news.

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