Mining Character Day 1 – EVE Online

Starting a new character specializing in mining. The goal is to train the character to pilot Retriever mining barge as fast as possible.

Day 1 provides an overview of proper neural remap for mining, setting up your overview for specific asteroids and initiating first skill training.

EVE Online Phoebe


  1. I know you say race doesnt matter, but in terms of racial ships that have decent cargo that are not considered mining ships what would you consider best? ie, battleship mining currently in 2018

  2. Okay you guy's as a new palyer coming into this game wanting to be a big mining baby, what do you have to say for meh, I am playing for free on steam btw 🙂

  3. How does this work out with alpha characters? Any specific race to start or still doesn't matter?

  4. Hey Reload o/
    Random question, did Dust 514 on PS3 ever have an effect on Eve?
    If i remember right all the Planetary Conquests happened in Moulden Heath, where is that in this amazing universe?
    I've never played Eve but i do know all about it through your videos, Dust 514, Fanfests, Clear Skies etc
    Anyways keep up the awesome videos bro o7 very clear and easy to follow dude.

  5. I've see other guides where people use the bantam and other ships like that for mining why do you use the venture

  6. I love the fact you are the only one to explain the game from scratch. That really helps new players. Can you make a tutorial on how to do planetary interaction from scratch?

  7. I think your videos will help a lot of new players to get a hold on all the different activities and careers one can pursue in EVE. Especially now that the game will be (partially) free2play. I for sure know, that I will try my luck with EVE once more and hopefully manage to stay focused this time^^

    Liked and subbed! Thank you and fly safe! : )

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