1. Only thing I’m mad about is that they changed the look of the WTC but hey. Copyright issues exist

  2. I cannot tell the difference between the gameplay and the story cutscene, well done Insomniac you did Spider-Man proud, love this game

  3. Just recently played the game and it was amazing. But I was disappointed that the graphics don’t look like the like graphics from this trailer. They looked downgraded.

    Don’t know if it was because I played the digital version on a standard ps4 with a 1080p tv.

    Does playing the disc version of the game on a PRO with a 4K tv make the game graphics look like the ones in the trailer?

  4. With the PS5 having backwards compatibility, it will be interesting to see if there will be any updates to the lighting and textures.

    I would love to see an update where the game looks more true-to-life (more natural-Looking light and dense steam on the streets).

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