Maru (T) vs. neeb (P) StarCraft Season IEM 2019 – Group B

Maru (T) vs. neeb (P) StarCraft Season IEM 2019 – Group B
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StarCraft 2 WCS Winter 2019 Series


  1. fantastic game. the only reason maru was able to last that long despite those terrible decisions, was the terran OPness. if it was zerg or toss, the game would have been over immediately

  2. Over 5 years, same players, favoritism is kicking in, feels biased, feels corrupted, face cams making people weird. gg.

  3. Respect to Maru for those games, honestly did pretty well and held out till the end each time
    Just wasn’t quick enough on trying to keep his base expanding

  4. Maru didnt lose his skills… its just that the rest upped theirs.
    i just hate fanboys… they are so biased.

    Neeb never ever played as good as he did during these games… same goes for leenock… even lambo´s first game against Neeb was easily on par with Jaedong during his prime.

  5. i dont think i have ever cheered for neeb before but the rarity of the situation of maru going 0-3 i couldn't help it. Ultimately sad tho, Maru is amazing. You could tell N00B was exploiting every protoss abuse just to stay on even game with Maru.

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