1. hey in kingdom 122 there is a chinese guild called CTB with 700m might and they dominated the Kingdom, if you can and want you can migrate here and help us. the CTB took over all the fort and keep bullying the lower mights

  2. As soon as i saw your leader captured i moved on to other video.Cant accept tips from someone who dunno what shelter is 😉

  3. The reason why people quit the game is because of the bigger guilds farming the smaller ones. If you want people to keep playing, give the smaller people a chance and attack people your own size.

  4. you say shelter your troops and hide your leader at all time.. and no need for shield. what im wondering is, you basically leave the castle wide open, and the empty your rss. and thats fine, but dont they destroy wall to? or do they not touch the wall?

  5. If you dont want to spend IRL money, just download feature points. You just download apps, use them for 30 secs then delete them. It prob takes a couple hours for 5$ but it works.
    PS: If you want 50 extra points use my code EHAW59 (You dont have to unless you want to)

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