Lineage of the Lion King: Discovering Disney

Zira’s Story:
Scar’s Story:
Prior to his death, Mufasa brought Simba to an open field to look upon the stars and to teach him about the great kings of the past. Mufasa explains generations of lions have ruled the Pride Lands and it was Simba’s destiny to continue to preserve the balance of the circle of life when it was his time to rule as king. Through years of powerful and wise leadership, the great kings of the past shine across the night sky, but at times it is difficult to understand who all of the king’s families are and how they relate to one another. Hello I’m Isaac from Wotso Videos where we discuss fun topics for fun people, and today we are going to discover the lineage of the Lion King.
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I do not own the rights to Disney or any of the branding associated to the franchise. Discovering Disney is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe.


  1. I can't remember who did this but I did like the thought Kopa being alive but was banished at young age to have his own land an pack so thats why Nala kept the pride rock

  2. Who says scar didn't have children? I don't peg him as the guy who would care about his children. He probably didn't give two shits about any offspring. If anything he probably wanted to rule as long as possible and would kill his kids if he needed kind if king. Lol. But he chose one of his kids as future heir as ritual needs. And scars term ended, so it went into effect. I'm sure scar had sex. Lol. It was probably pretty brutal rape for some. Lol. Or he wanted sex and she was into his power and willingly threw herself at him. And 3 cubs came from it lol. At least kovu being full bloodline. Other siblings could be half siblings since there is a age Gap from the kids and I don't recall seeing cubs in the scene before scar dies lol

  3. I had no idea about any of this, so thank you for putting this out there so we can learn from it. I really appreciate it. It's soooooo nice to see a youtuber that I follow pay attention to our comments. I'm still in shock. But yeah, thank you for this information, I really had no idea about any of this and it was pretty interesting to learn.

  4. I believe Kovu's parents biological parents Chumvi and Kula were both killed Zira before kidnapping him just to manipulate Kovu himself to follow her orders

  5. While I like the video, I am bugged by one thing. If you have to bring the Six New Adventures Books into the canon, you'll have to count Kopa, since he, Ahadi, and Uru are in that book universe. And Kopa isn't canon because the books aren't Disney works. Mohatu counts as well since the book he appeared in wasn't published by a Disney official. And Mohatu isn't in the same universe as Ahadi and Uru, so he can't be counted.
    So Mufasa and Scar's parents are unknown, and Simba only had one cub; Kiara.

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