Last (T) v July (Z) on Fighting Spirit – StarCraft REMASTERED – Brood War

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  1. Hey Falcon! Thanks for another cast, it's great to see a 5 racks instead of a 111. Brings back some good memories of the older ZvT matchups. A few things I wanted to point out that were pretty cool that you and some of the viewers might have missed.
    1:20 I dont think his intent was to wall off the bridge, but to shorten the travel time for marines to reach july's base. It might not seem like such a huge distance, but considering his goal is to bunker rush and zerg has overlords to scout a building bunker, every second that the marine isnt there next to the bunker to defend its construction is huge. Building it in the middle would have been bad considering he would have to lift the racks and float it back to his base, wasting marine production time significantly when seeing he's going marine medic. So it might seem like an arbitrary placement, but there is intent behind it. You mention about this around the 4:00. July would have killed a marine if there was one less marine there to back it up, which is not unreasonable to believe if the barracks was placed in the main where it normally is.
    2:18 At this point it seems like july went 11 pool instead of 10 pool (also didnt 11 extractor) so most likely he wanted to go 3 hatchery mutalisk, which is a nice way to apply some early-into-mid game pressure while having a stable economy. You're not really trying to be lethal with the mutalisks (but it can be), but rather try to slow down the terran from moving out and attacking so you can tech up to lurker, adrenaline lings, and swarm.
    2:50 Two notes. July now knows for the rest of the game it's going to be marine medic instead of a 111 (i dont know when this was played so 111 might not have even been relevant in the meta) because Last most likely has no gas going due to the mineral investment of two bunkers, two scvs, and constant marine production. The lack of lings could also be an indicator to Last that July was saving for a third hatch, meaning three hatch muta play, so he also now knows the time frame he should expect the mutas to come at. Two hatch muta is faster but lower count, 2.5 or 3 hatch muta is later but higher count.
    3:15 is really cool. July is drone drilling to do significantly more damage than just running at them. We know he's drilling because all the workers are mineral/gas walking meaning July selected a mineral patch or gas geyser for the drones to move all stacked together as one. The patch that July clicked is at around 3 o clock where his overlord has sight of the gas geyser as all the workers are moving towards that general direction. Since mineral walking workers ignore unit collision, stopping them on top of the marines allows more drones to attack. Really cool stuff.
    4:40 is reallllllllly neat. When a bunker dies with units in it, all the units are clumped in a square meaning they would have been immediately surrounded by the lings and killed. Last empties his bunker a split second right before the bunker dies, placing the marines off to the side and avoiding an instant surround. Even though he doesn't make it to the second bunker, there was that threat. Talk about sharp game sense and knowledge lol.
    5:00 no lair and almost ling speed. this really puts July behind in his 3 hatch muta play. To really put into perspective how off July is right now from that bunker rush, he should have the third hatch almost halfway done and the lair either started or almost started. He is nowhere near any of that. Last had no lost mining time, has academy and two racks, and invested maybe around 325 minerals in that attack which is definitely worth the loss drone mining time, the larva wasted on lings, and the messing up the 3 hatch muta build.
    5:30 stay on topic bro, I really wanted to see what the terran had in his main instead of having to squint at the minimap for this information. Thanks.
    6:17 no no no, you never ever go hydras against terran bio. The only point of getting a hydra at all is to make it into a lurker. Terran bio might be the scariest thing to face off against as a zerg mid game as they just tear through anything and the only thing that can face against them head on in the mid game is the lurker. Hydras suck with swarm as well as any enemy unit stuck under with swarm with it cant die from the hydra (played so many games that was like this on fastest maps, its pretty funny actually lol). The only few times I've seen the zerg go hydras at all against a terran is if the terran goes a variation of the 111 where a second starport is made instead of a science facility to double wraiths. The most recent KSL has a match between Soulkey (z) and Last (!!!! t). Last lost 4-0 but not because of the build. 111 double starport is actually decently strong, he just wasn't on top of his game (it was pretty noticeable too, very sloppy mistakes were made).
    6:30 zergs usually take their third at another starting spawn point like at 11 o clock or 5 o clock. The reason he takes it at 3 o clock is because he cant defend the third if its too far at this point of the game. He has no lurker tech to hold the ramp and is nowhere near close the hive tech for nydus. He needs everything to be near his main for immediate defense.
    6:50 he had finished stim already. he started it when you were closing your rant on quicksand mods. This is a timing attack. Last estimates that by the time the rines get to the other side the marine range upgrade will just have finished. This maximizes time his marines have an advantage over the zerg.
    8:12 it would be nice if you checked the main bases of both players more often, especially to check barracks count if terran is going bio. Staying at 3 racks and climbing the tech is and indicator that terran wants to end the game before defiliers come out. 4 racks is an indication of breaking sunkens and attempting to do critical damage, maybe game ending damage. 5 racks two ebay is a extremely lethal timing attack in which a mass of marine medic with 1,1 (meaning three sunken hits to kill a marine instead of two) hits right as the standard lurker timing is reached. Noting how July is severely behind in his tech progress, this would be huge news as the counter to 5 racks two ebay timing is to just survive since terran tech is extremely stunted, leaving them disadvantaged in the transition into late game. So yeah, please check both bases regularly. It seems that Last is 5 racks, one ebay, a factory, and two starport. Last is planning on skipping entirely on support mech and trying to finish this with marine, medic, vessel before defiliers can be effective.
    9:05 dont be bashing Last, he's hella good. He knew he could delay the turret count because July's tech was behind.
    10:40 Look how confident Last is with his estimated lead over July. He says "screw my scv count, these mutas is all July has that is remotely scary" and moves out to kill his third. Last knows the mutas are a delaying tactic for the zerg to catch up in tech. Last just says lets end this shit. fucking boss.
    10:57 CAMERA PLEASE, THERES A FIGHT MID. seriously who gives a shit about the scvs, Last clearly doesn't else he would have moved them to the natural. cmon dude.
    11:25 a desperate, possible last ditch, effort to halt Last's production. If he can stop production and survive the attack on his second (not third, July is accepting he's lost that when he declines to defend it), he still has a sliver of a chance to maybe win.
    12:19 I fundamentally disagree with skipping lurkers to go ultra, but the reason July does it here is because irradiate will kill his defensive lurkers. Might as well go ultra to be offensive for a little while. Although i do think going lurkers could buy him more time, or investing directly into defiliers and adrenaline upgrade would have been better, but hindsight 20/20.
    13:50 yeah this angle of attack was so bad, but i think July knew it didnt really matter. the game was over when he gave up on the third.

    Pretty much it. If it wasn't clear to some of the regular viewers who might have seen some of my other comments, I really love this game and grew up playing and watching it. ZvT is undoubtedly the most exciting matchup in starcraft bw (TvT wins the most epic matchup). There are very strict roles and defining times of the game that belong to either the zerg or terran and it's up to the opponent to stop the time window of abuse or come out ahead. While all the races must absolutely have skills to win, I dont think any other matchup allows a player to exemplify the mastery of skills as ZvT (second pick probably being ZvZ, such a weird and sensitive matchup). While 111 mech against zerg is amazing to watch, nothing really is as volatile and exciting as marine medic.

    Paladin: if you've read down this far, assuming you even read this at all (sorry it's so long), read up on ZvZ matchup and do a ZvZ cast. Some real interesting stuff happens, there's a reason why they rarely last over 10-13 minutes.

  2. You mixed Terran in SC1 with Terran in SC2 in your playlist "Terran Casts". Can you please single out Terran of SC1 into a playlist? I am only interested in Terran in SC1, and particularly T v P. Thank you so much.

  3. Keep them BROODWAR coming, watching every EP, unfortunatley cant stand Starcraft2 xD
    Really appreciated the CHEESE one, more of those!
    Greetings from Sweden

  4. I absolutely love JulyZerg, the Tushin, the God of War. His feats back in the mid 2000s are a must see for old school zerg players, and I usually don't care for zerg but man he was great to watch. One of my favorite finals of all time was the EVEROSL 2008 which he steamed BeSt 3-0 and took the GoldenMouse like some unstoppable force. It would be a wet dream to have Falcon cast that, especially the last match Andromeda… I still recall watching it with several friends and we cheered for July as if we were physically there. Alas that match is as old as dust (really no longer pertinent to today's scene), just like July who is what? 32? He aint any less of a dinosaur as SlayerBoxer.

  5. Jesus, Last is so damn good..
    Who do you guys think are top 3 Terrans right now?
    Obviously Flash is #1
    #2 Last
    #3 Sharp ?
    #4 ??
    I would like someone who plays give their 1-4, or even 2-4 cause we all know Flash is #1
    This is Top Terrans not players so dont tell me Rain or Soulkey … Terrans only

  6. Oh man
    Spoiler! Last is Terran and July is Zerg.. who's Teal, I can not CAN NOT give anymore spoilers… watch the god damn video.. Last isn't Last to exit the game.. follow me scrubs?
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