1. At least let us use Bluetooth game pads too, nobody wants to be stuck with just touch and tilt, it's a competitive game that is bound to have online racing modes so…we need physical buttons please, thanks Nintendo lol

  2. Oh man you missed out on sonic and Sega all stars racing and racing transformed. Those mobile games would have both been great games to view. However both mobile games arent playable anymore.

  3. Speaking of skins and characters, if Nintendo does decide to do that, I hope they REALLY follow in Fortnite's footsteps and not make the paid characters or card have special abilities or higher stats. This would be very bad as it creates a skill gap that could only be filled with payable content, which is never good, or if they DO do this, then have separate servers for those who have purchased the better characters/cars and those who haven't bought anything (also the people who haven't purchased characters are allowed to join races with those who have but not vise versa)

  4. After me see/ playing beach buggy racing and how detail but yet optimized it is I feel Mario kart tour will be similar but it's Nintendo they want to charge alot for a game people will over look. I played Mario run and once it said I need to pay to continue the game I deleted the game and never looked back

  5. I think what Nintendo should do with this game is release annual cups similar to maps in pubg and fortnite and only have the 8 playable characters from mk64 to start out with and have new characters and skins to buy annually. For controls, have motion and touch screen options.

  6. hey can everyone stop complaining, were getting MARIO KART ON AN IPHONE you can play this game (prob) for free anywhere you want.. who cares about the tilt controls, get over it

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