1. I still feel slight discomfort watching this. Not to mention this scene terrified me as a kid. Judge Doom belongs to my most vicious villain in movie list!

  2. So you're telling me a hose squirting out green Gatorade is more effective than a steam roller?

  3. When i was 6 i was in my room because my mom told me to. And i herd lound noises coming from the living room of my house andi went to take a peek and i see my mom and her brother watching this part of the movie and it scared the shit out of me

  4. What makes this scene even more creepy is Valiant's reaction. Just look at him – he is absolutely terrified. Throughout the entire movie, he was a hard-boiled detective who had never shown fear. Even when facing impending death, he seems either resigned to his fate (like when he thinks Jessica is about to shoot him) or just frustrated (when Doom is about to run him over with a road roller). But when he realizes that he is standing face to face with his brother's killer, he completely breaks down and tries to run away. Bob Hoskins' acting is what really sells this one.

  5. This part is so friggin creepy! If his eyes looked like that, just imagine how the rest of him would look. I miss Christopher Lloyd

  6. "When I killed your brother I talked just like this." Let's see Pennywise say that to Bill Denbourgh next September.

  7. Christopher Lloyd played a villain in three movies Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, (Klingon Kruge) Who Framed Roger Rabbit, (Judge Doom) Dennis the Menace, (Switchblade Sam).

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