1. Rip sweet prince. I'm still anoyyed that they used stupidly expensive memory cards. They never gave the system a chance.

  2. Esta muy buena la consola pero en ves de seguir mandando actualizaciones mejor saquen más juegos ya aunque sea de Playstation 2 mínimo el resident evil 4 estaría de lujo disfrutarlo en esta plataforma

  3. i still use mine, I think they are still great! they give me 2011 nostalgia. either way its still fun and i have an original model so i might sell mine in the future over all its not a horrible console

  4. I remember seeing this and wanted it so badly it looks cool and mature and then I got it as a gift thinking it was the coolest thing… here we are now with a failed device that could have been amazing.

    Now it’s collecting dust while my Nintendo Switch (diablo edition btw) gets all the love the vita didn’t.

  5. Didnt even know much about these things at all until this year. I just got one of ebay for 75 bucks. best investment i ever made. sooo cool playing ps4 games on this device. coolest thing ever made. Shame Sony was scamming people on memory cards and this thing failed…

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