Is it Possible to Beat Doom Without Firing a Single Shot?

In this video we’re going to find out if it’s possible to beat Doom without pressing the attack button.


1. Play on Ultra-Violence.
2. Disallow shooting. Even at walls.
3. Disallow punching. Even in the air.
4. Allow monster infighting.
5. Beat episode 1, 2, and 3. Episode 4 is part of Ultimate Doom, which we’re not covering.

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  1. My favourite part of the video is when you say that you're covering the 1993 version of Doom and then use the secret introduced in Ultimate Doom in E1M1 xD

  2. How to win Doom: Jewish Edition.
    Step 1: run like hell when the demons attack.
    Step 2: If you cannot run like hell when the demons attack, instigate infighting.

  3. I thought "pacifism" denies violence as such – in your case though you very masterfully tricked the monsters to kill each other.. still heaps of violence – is this really "pacifism"?

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