Introducing the PS4 Pro

Introducing the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  1. Sony did it right. Made the pro just powerful enough to get a higher res and a little more detail than the standard, games still look great on the ps4.

    Microsoft did it wrong, releasing a system 5-6 times more powerful but in the same gen. Devs are making games look great on the x and leaving shet scraps for the og and s owners. Feel bad for og Xbox owners.

  2. Just buy this if you never had a PS4. The good news is in that in some stores like in Best Buy and GameStop you can trade it in for the PS5 though.

  3. PC has far more sells than PS4. PC has far more games and exclusives. More people play Minecraft than any PS4 exclusive game. PS4 you have to pay for multiplayer. PS4 Pro is weaker hardware specs wise, with Xbox One X. PS4 doesn't have a 4k Blu-ray disc player. Xbox One X has Dolby Atmos. Sony is not as rich as Microsoft Corporation. Xbox Live has more servers than PSN. PS4 is bigger than the Xbox One X. PS4 has cheap air cooling where as Xbox One X has more effective vapor cooling. PS4 doesn't have screamride, forza, halo, planet coaster, sins of a solar empire, etc. PS4 has a cheap 1.6Ghz or 2.13Ghz CPU. Even an i5 and i7 is better than this cheapskate. A PC can multitask including using better video editing and sharing programs and you can do school and uni work on a PC. PS4 can't do that lol. Laptops are also portable too. PS4 not so much lol cause it doesn't run on a battery, it needs to be tied up to an AC power point source.

  4. The bad thing is that it's not as powerfull as XBOX One X.. It's a shame that Sony rushed with realeasing PS4 PRO before Microsoft XBOX One X. Hopefeully we will see a better version next year that can fight with One X.

  5. Was close to buying the PS4 Pro… until I found out it did not have a 4K player. Small improvements for a full price system.. no thanks.

  6. So i saw this video and i reality wanted to get a PlayStation4, cause this is my dream console and my family can't afford for that, so if it's posible to sent it to Singapore then can you sent me a ps4 please thank you so much for that, my email is
    Thank you so much!!!

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