Interesting Findings About Doom's Monster Sprites

Doom’s monster sprites are fairly interesting when it comes to how they were created. In this video we’ll go through a bunch of them, showcasing how they were made and discuss any applicable oddities.

Interesting findings:

Revenant100’s sprite fix:

Unused Doom data:

Sprite rips:


  1. 8:34 I seem to remember watching somewhere on youtube, not sure where (I think John Romero was talking about it) that the Spider Mastermind was originally supposed to have a Chain Shotgun and not a Chaingun. They found that the Chain Shotgun was simply too OP and then switched it out for a Chaingun. That could account for the difference in the sprite.

  2. Amazing video, very cool analysis of a technically impressive gorefest. Wish I saw this video earlier, I always get nostalgic when I see Doom sprites on a cyan background.

  3. would be kind of cool if someone, made very detailed sprite enemies and then made it so you could see it correctly from every angle. wonder if that could work?

  4. OMG the fucking black pixels on the dead imp was something I always noticed as a kid LOL doom guy tore him a new one

  5. The theme and material are amazing, but the subtitles timing could have been better and the light cyan backgrounds are terrible. Mainly the blank ones for a second. I was close to get head ache. Romero just made available the SIGIL megawad for DOOM for free, so grab some gun and let's make a blood bath in the Hell! ≣ ; ¬ ℩
    Search for romerogames!

  6. Pretty sure the black hole on the imp is supposed to be a butthole. The art design of DOOM 1993 and DOOM 2 is heavily inspired by the works of H.R. Giger, who was known for adding nudity and sexual imagery into his art where it would otherwise be out of place, and i think that’s id’s interpretation of that, for the same reason that the cacodemon has a vagina on its model

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