In Defense of Doom 3

This is a video retrospective of Doom 3 and its two expansions, Resurrection of Evil and Lost Mission. It goes back and looks at what made Doom 3 special, as an individual horror shooter and as part of the broader Doom franchise.

Doom 3– 0:34
Resurrection of Evil– 17:20
Lost Mission– 25:45

Errant Signal on Doom:

XBoxAhoy’s Retrospective on Doom:

Lost Mission Reused Content Comparison:

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  1. Man, when you talk about seeing screenshots in PC Gamer magazine and thinking it didn't seem real, I mean, I had that exact same experience, and I also remember it. I remember how the lighting effects alone exploded all precedent I had, up til then, known. I remember looking at the PCG screenshots, which they'd do in a big Playboy-style foldout for their featured item, in particular some heavily-shadowed shot of some blind quadrupedal thing in a bathroom, and thinking, Oh, well, yknow, those must be prerendered cutscenes or something. Haha I mean, like, prior to that I think the most "realistic-looking" game I had ever seen was Morrowind. I remember thinking Mafia looked "photorealistic" because they used literal photos as their textures..! Ah, to be fourteen again… I saw so damn much in the world haha

  2. I love Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 64… you know… games you could SEE. An initial fast paced shooter that evolved game to game into an existential problem of how advancing equals death.
    A slow horror shooter… yeah, THAT's Doom 64 which could do it and still be Doom. It didn't have to be some unsightly awful hybrid that's so afraid of what it was, it turned the light off.
    Ah right, I shouldn't bring up 64 because it's not PC to do so…

  3. Not being able to see is not scary it's just annoying
    And this game is way to dark from what I can see in this video and game developers need to stop doing that because as for me I do not buy any games that make it to dark to see thinking it's scary
    And consider them trash

  4. Haven't cared to play DOOM since the first one came out. Makes me feel old but it was a great game for it's time. I have come to expect more from a game then just a Turkey shoot. Part of the reason why these types of games kept missing the mark. TURKEY SHOOTS were great when the came out over 20 years ago. But now the community has come to want more these games do not quite deliver anymore.

  5. Doom 3 in vr is bloody stressful in a good way.I remember way back in the 80s used to work at a RadioShack and we would all turn up to work early and stay late just to play doom on the 386.

  6. It's so weird to me when people hate on media that actually has a cohesive plot. It's not just videogames anymore either. I see people crapping all over films with an original plot or stories that don't follow the current trend. It's like people have actually forgotten what creativity is or shun it as though it were just a bunch of "hipsters trying to be different". What I loved about Doom 3 is that the plot is something that keeps you going (at least for me) and makes you care about the ultimate fate of the character. I did play the original Doom and it was nice but mostly, it was just something to do when I was bored. For me, the world of Doom was just a random simulation that might have been replaced by any other (like Marathon, for example). Don't get me wrong: oom was a great game. But it never felt like more than a pleasant distraction (like Super Mario Brothers but with demons). I guess there are people out there who like that kind of thing ("classic" gaming without a plot) and that's fine. I just wish they'd stop being insufferable shitbags towards anyone who doesn't like what they like. I don't shit on people who like the new Doom reboot. If they find compelling stories and characters that would normally keep me engrossed in a film or game, that's fine. But I like Doom 3 because it had an edge to it, it dared to bend the rules a bit and push it past it usual tropes. That's exciting stuff. It's real shame I hardly ever seen people who create games or movies willing to be this adventurous anymore (btw, by "adventurous", I don't mean crapping all over people of a particular, race, gender or orientation. I'm not an SJW, it's just that that shit isn't new. Minstrel shows and movies that laugh at the gay dude have been done before – many, many, many times).

  7. Personally, the survival horror and slow interactive storytelling parts were what I particularly liked about Doom 3. My problem with Doom 3, despite its great atmosphere, engine, look, feel, and gameplay, was that parts of the writing, the audio log voice acting, and the general game design were weak and not as inspired as they could've been. I think part of me was hoping that Doom 3 would combine what I liked about id Software's classic games (in terms of look, feel, and design), with what I liked about the new games of the time like Half-Life. Some of the uninspired parts of the game probably had to do with id Software letting go some of its best employees, and some members just not being enthusiastic about it. It would've been interesting to see how Doom 3 had turned out if Tom Hall were given the chance to write the story (I know he wrote the Doom Bible and tried to write the story for classic Doom before id laid him off). There were also aspects to the Doom 3 alpha that I liked, in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, which I felt were missing from the main experience. That doesn't mean I hate Doom 3. There are a lot of sections which I like immensely, and much of it is very cleverly done. I think the main disappointment at the time I first played it was that I expected Doom 3 to be even more epic than what it turned out to be. Not in terms of bombastic gameplay, but in terms of length, narrative, and design. What I expected could probably be only expressed in mod form. Recent mods have gone to great lengths to explore what could be possible in Doom 3, such as Phobos.

  8. Doom 3 holds up very well, if you go back and play it today. Half-life 2 on the other hand, I could not make it further than the boat section if i try to replay it now.

  9. "Lost Mission is absolutely designed for players who felt like Doom 3's direction was a misstep, but the thing is that Lost Mission is just no that engaging."

    This is the most interesting point for me in this video, because now that Doom 4 is out I feel like the return to the run-and-gun "blood funnel" is just flat-out not as engaging as Doom 3's slower, gothic, story-driven thing—which was also my first interaction with the Doom franchise, since I'm of a certain age. I actually prefer the Doom of Doom 3 to the Doom of the original Doom and Doom 4—go figure.

  10. To me Doom 3 and Doom 4 are really different games.
    Doom 3: more of a survival horror game. Dungeon crawling, limited ammo, you save a lot, monsters on every corner, fight in tight spaces, jump scare,amazing atmosphere, lots of story element.
    Doom 2016: open spaces, horde of monsters, lots of ammo, run&shot
    Maybe Doom 2016 is closer to the originals but I think I like doom 3 more. I never really played the originals too much.
    I think Carmack solved that Doom engine can be used in open spaces which as a programmer its amazing but as a gamer I don't really care.

  11. This youtuber can really talk with a smooth voice to make everything he says believable if you did not actually play Doom 3 and the Expansions.
    But I must disagree with a lot of what he says. Especially lost mission. I believe lost mission just feels like more of the same, that being just quickly plopping out Doom 3 levels and repackaging in Doom 3 BFG edition. No where do I get a feeling of the original Doom games in any of the Doom 3 releases. The only similarities are some shared monsters and weapons from the originals.
    I still have a very soft spot for Doom 3 though, it was the peak of an era where I was finally old enough to have my own PC and it was the game I was waited with great anticipation to be released for nearly 3 years. Then the game was so demanding that even the best gpus of the time could only get about 24fps in 1280×1024 resolution at max settings with AA off. I still look at Doom 3, Half-Life 2. and Far Cry 1 as the shifting point between old-school 3D and pre-modern 3d shooters. An era that saw seemingly endless great releases between 2004-2007, ending with Crysis, The Orange Box, and Bioshock. Then 2008-2012 were soso, but after 2012 the fps genre is more or less a shell of what it once was. Even the lesser titles of the 2000s are better than some of the better titles post 2012. If you were to chart out the number of FPS releases in general, there have been almost no releases this decade for fps games in comparison. Just one year of the 2000s had more fps releases than more of this decade thus far, and now we are near the end of 2018. Reiterating the fact that a lot of the lesser releases of the 2000s were still better than some of better releases this decade.

  12. the only thing that stops me from replaying doom 3 more often than i do is how scary it is – can't think of another piece of horror media, game/movie or otherwise, that i can say the same for.

  13. I wallowed in the wonderfulness of DOOM3 (BFG in particular). What a great game DOOM 4, belatedly, changed to simply DOOM was disappointing. Similar to Dead Space morphing into Dead Space 3. Give me the structure and pace of the classic games.

  14. I actually really liked Doom 3 and it gets ypu immersed in the atmosphere. There was also something kind of soothing sbout it(Yes it is a horror game) but still soothing in Something. I like reading the pdfs and the sound of radio when they explain the bfg or cyber demon etc… The enemies were challenging enough, I think it has the best Lost Soul design in my opinion and they were scary as hell.

  15. I've never played a bad doom game. 1,2,3 and "4" and all of them have their own great value. Doom 3 tho. when that title screen booted for the first time. oof.

  16. Ah, doom 3 a classic for me as a young child. I can now remember playing it with my father, my best friend. Thank you very much for creating this video Noah. You've earning a subscriber xoxox

  17. I waited 15 years for it to go from Xbox to PlayStation so if I’ve waited 15 years, it must of left a pretty amazing impression on me. Go figure.

  18. The only issue I had with Doom 3 was how long it took for enemies to spawn in an area. It was just way too predictable "Oh look, an imp is spawning over there. I'ma walk up to it, choose my shotgun and then blast it as it does it's battle cry after spawning in…" Doom 64 handled spawning enemies perfectly. As soon as something spawned behind you it would already have it's claw up your ass

  19. I actually enjoyed this game I don't care what people say but this was far better than boring Doom 2016. I liked the fact that Doom went into a more serious and horror themed approach with the third game's design I really think that should've been the direction to go with it. I know some shitstains are gonna say "durr but doom was action game durr" but honestly how boring would it be to play the exact same fucking shooter with exact same gameplay everytime, I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Doom actually could work as a horror game if done right but also it should be more serious and not the "HULK SMASH DEMONS!!!" found in Doom 2016 or as I like to call it Edgelord design 😀 I could even bring in Doom 64 that was also a horror game as it changed the atmosphere into darkness and ambient droning music instead of heavy metal kill everything lol I feel like Doom needs to evolve into a horror based game because over the top gore and the whole badass trope is just tiresome and boring also kinda overused at this point as almost every shooter copied that trope since the 90s. I really wish this new id software would make a quake 1 reboot instead of an obvious repeat of Doom 2016 with Doom ETERNAL lol since that was a great horror shooter with HP Lovecraft inspired design it would really show how effective horror can be in a shooter if they did it right and I would be very pissed off if they fucked that game up since I love Quake 1 way more than Doom. The point is though is that Doom can be a good serious horror game, people just need to be more open and get their heads out of their ass with their Doom 2016 fanboyism 😀

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