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In today’s new video, Marcus Veltri entered a Talent Show that was hosted on another Twitch streamer’s channel who goes by the name of Rajj Patel… Be sure to foll Rajj on Twitch, he still does talent shows on his channel and is a very entertaining streamer! #Twitch #Piano #MarcusVeltri

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  1. Great job Marcus…killing it as usual…i recently found you on youtube and must say you are extremely talented…To be able to learn piano to the caliber you are at in only a few years is a major achievement all on its own. Then on top of it throwing in beatboxing is extremely impressive. Im rooting for you man, keep doing what you love to do and live your dream, because thats whats most important. Life is clearly too short to settle for anything less. I wish you the best my friend and I will continue to watch your vids and spread the word of your talent around to others. Much love.

  2. Like if FUCK PowerFlower he said simple piano skill I'd like to see HIM EVEN TRY WHO DOES HE LIKE THE GUITARIST THE FUCKING WHISKY ADICTS INSTRUMENT sure it would be impressive if he played behind his own back but he DIDN'T btw I have nothing against guitarists it's not like I can play it.

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