Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I have something special for you guys I have solved this Easter egg and I m also the first one to solve it so make sure to hit the like button and

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  1. I also had proof that the last victim is a wasn't his own meat, he said he found the meat in the secret room but eventually he find it that it was raw and it is human meat so he decided to eat melon instead he found it later, you can listen another proof on Cafe Tv channel

  2. Um… Are you stupid? Do you not get that this is a game? And besides… What part of human body looks like that???!!!And how could the area where granny lives be restricted??? THATS A GAME UR STUPID AF

  3. the previous victim is died as u can see in basement there is blood in the floor as it can show that it was the blood of the previous victim and also in the first day granny has blood oh her bat shows that she bet him by the bat and also in 2nd floor (counting the toilet)the 4th room if u see in the bed there is dried blood on the bedsheet maybe the last victims blood and also the last thing in the fourth room where selendrina's photo frame is there u can see that the photo frame is blurred maybe the last victim broke it and also in the room in which we wake after getting hit by granny bat u can see that in the first draw written "LEAVE THIS HOUSE"with blood Maine the last victim wrote it with blood for us. (the other things u might know)that there is HELP written on the roof in the backyard and there is last victims meat as well…..

    edit- spelling mistakes

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