I Bought DLC For Payday 2 On The Xbox 360 . . .

As if one time wasn’t enough, we’re BACK on Payday 2’s Xbox 360 version – this time hunting achievements and buying the DLC. So let’s play some more last-gen Payday!

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Enjoy guys 😀


  1. Of course the video was going to get more then 100 likes how stupid can you be you have more then 1K subs and views of course there is going to be more then 100 likes

  2. Im not even subscribed to your channel but i got a recommendation notification and i must say! Im happy i found your channel! +1Subs

  3. Tbh, i played on xbox 360 (i’m now on ps4) and i got “coming in hot” the first time i did watchdogs (i was doing pretty much every heist alone) and thought “what?! You mean the car can be shot up? I did something?”

  4. I love watching Payday 2 its cool to know that other people love this game still. Im doing this series with my friend and Im so glad to know this game isnt dead.

  5. I remember when I pre-ordered the pc version on steam because I loved the first game. Then when I got it I realized the my poor laptop couldn't run it. lol I went and bought the 360 version the next day, so now I'm $120 in I play the 360 version and make it to the highest level and feel like I've done everything. A long while later I built a gaming pc and found the game in my steam library. I decide to download it to goof around and was greeted with an entirely new game. It felt like I stepped into an alternate universe. lmao

  6. Thanks for keeping Xbox 360 payday 2 alive and ur a great YouTuber and I can see it now ur gonna be something big maybe one day we can play together I also go discord

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