1. PCMag usually does great videos.. This video is USELESS he is not showing you how to actually pair the controllers. Just showing you what you can buy.. This is NOT a how to tutorial.

  2. Hello, I have an X-Box Elite wireless game pad (with paddles). At the moment I have it plugged into my PC (no batteries) but if I heard you correctly, I need specific software and a dongle to be wireless, correct? Is there any notable differences between my Elite, 360 or one? Btw – is there any examples on how to use a game pad (Elite) effectively?

  3. Please respond quick. I downloaded Motioninjoy and there is no page like you had on your computer, instead it's a page telling me to install java, but I just installed the latest version which is the same displayed onpage which is more like a virus. I navigate between pages home or local and it's a bait clicks.

  4. when i plugged my ps3 controller it didn't download anything or do anything also the app he says to download is just a app for a place to buy clothes and electronics not to use my controller!

  5. I've got question, what about xbox's changer wired that can attach to your xbox 360 controller, can I hook that to my computer and play with it without buying the USB wired?

  6. hey im trying to play nascar 15 and switch the keyboard to xbox or play station the ps3 device up in the nascar 15 game but when i went to set up the buttons it didn't work xbox controler wasn't there in the controler opshon mineu

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