How to Transfer Game Saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

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Xbox One Backwards Compatability – How it Works

List of Compatible Games:

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  1. When I try to transfer Metal Gear Solid HD collection to the cloud it says " some items were skipped. To see what they were, go to settings , system, storage, and check the source and designation of the device" Xbox is a joke a of a Console

  2. Reason I went to this video is that my friend has xbox 360 and I have xbox one so I wanna tell him to put my account on it and transfer xbox 360 games to my xbox one I an now fine

  3. so it doesnt work with games that were released on xbox 360 and xbox 1 at the same time (like battlefield hardline)????????

  4. You can't transfer saved games from HD to coud without gold.

    To purchase an Xbox One, and then be told that you cannot play classic favorites without gold is a huge slap in the face. I guess that's what we get for being loyal to Microsoft.

  5. I really dont get why the made it this way, why cant you just use a usb stick, put the saves on there then trans to your xb 1? kind of dumb. So what is the usb port even useful for anyway??

  6. I upgraded to Xbox One finally wondering do I have to rebuy all of the map packs bike for Call of Duty Black Ops 1 + 2 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare because they're backwards compatible but I downloaded the map packs to my hard drive is there a way to get them on a flash drive or something then redownload them on my Xbox One someone please help

  7. if you have an Xbox 360 game working on Xbox One then you can fix mods to that game is just installing a modded s save game

  8. So I’m trying to copy my game save to the cloud but yet when I select copy the cloud does not pop up. Yes, I have cloud enabled and Yes I have gold. Wtf is going on?

  9. Wait can i keep transfering save data from the cloud from 360 to xbox one even after i dint have xbox gold anymore cause without xbox gold i couldnt do this so i had to sign up for a month.

  10. Why do we need to have Xbox Live in order to use the cloud storage? And is their anyway you can just put them on the Xbox One instead of keeping them on the cloud storage.

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