How To Install Happy Chick Multi Emulator On Nvidia Shield Android TV

How To Install Happy Chick Multi Emulator On Nvidia Shield Android TV

What up guys?? Just chilling over here. Figured since I did a video showing a little look/overview of this software, Id do another one showing how to install it. Theres various ways to do that. I’m going to explain how to download it externally and put on the Shield and install from there. For this you will need ES File Explorer and Sideload Launcher which you can both get from the play store on your shield. I already have it installed so I didnt run through the installation part, but I pretty much guide you on how to get there and how to install it.

1. You can either download it externally like I did at on your PC/Laptop and get it on a flash drive or usb drive , or download from the chrome browser on the Shield, although it seems to only have two options when I went there as shown in this video. They are the Android and IOS version. The TV version was shown when I went to the TV Web browser app, but unfortunately it didnt seem to download when I kept clicking the link. You can download the Android version from the Chrome Browser if you want, but I believe there might be a difference between that and the TV version as it seems like thats the version for the Smart Phone/Tablets as if you go there on your phone/tablet/ipad/iphone it looks to be the same page we get in the chrome browser. I’d say download the TV version extermally on your laptop/desktop and place/transfer on an external storage such as flash drive or external usb hard drive.

2. plug drive into Nvidia Shield Android TV Or other Android TV Device. After drive is plugged in Open ES File Explorer which is in the Apps section on your Shield, Go To The Drive which will have the Xiaoji.apk.

3. Once you find the Xiaoji.apk Click on it and a menu will come up which has a few options. Without looking at any reference I believe these options are cancel/market/install. You want to choose the install option. If you have a mouse/cursor it’s easier, but you can still use the controller you just gotta press the d-pad/thumbstick a couple times and the A button to bring you to the install menu.

4. Click install and let the App install like you would let any other. You’ll see the progress of the install. When it’s done you can exit ES File Explorer by backing out of everything with the B button and it will tell you on the bottom screen press back to exit when your ready to fully exit ES File Explorer. You could just keep pressing the B button on your shield controller to exit or the arrow button if your using the remote.

5. The emu app will not be on the home screen menu. This is where Side Load Launcher comes in. You can get this free from the play store on your shield. Click the Side Load Launcher App in your Apps section. From here you can find the happychick.emu app. Mine is on the bottom of the menu. Once you click the happychick.emu app icon you will be presented with a loading page for the happychick.emu app. This will take about 3-5 seconds and then you will be presented with the Homescreen Menu of the HappyChick.Emu App.

6. While thats pretty much it. From this point you should be able to navigate and play around with the happychick menu and get to the appropriate sections you want.

7. If I missed the controller mapping part sorry. Here’s what I answered to a youtuber below. I haven’t got into the phone part yet but I might do that soon. “My Games” and choose one of your games you want to launch, you will be greeted with a screen that has where you can launch the game, but under this section there is also a part where you can configure the controllers. There is from Player01 to Player04. In these slots you can choose what you want to assign for these controllers (4 of them) and theres a tab under each Player01-Player04 controller which says “Customize Keys” It is here that you can map your controls individually/ preferably or per game, etc, etc,. There is also a section under the controller part in which it looks like it seems to be for configuring a phone as a controller but I have not got into this part yet, but there is a little scan icon, (which would apply to the phone) that says “Get Virtual Controller”. Once again I haven’t looked into the virtual/phone controller, so I cant explain that part much, but that’s how you do it above for other connected controllers to your Nvidia Shield Android TV system.

7. Have Fun!!


  1. You even have a problem trying to tell us what you couldn't do never mind what you can do. I see why 3/4 of the thumbs are down

  2. I have an android TV box mx pro with mali 450 a5 chipset I which is 8gb and 1g of ram I want to add external hard drive and play emulators will this work

  3. if you download the happy chick app from aptoide you can see the TV version in there (it has Chinese writing but TV is visible) that way you can download directly from your shield.

  4. Also I must say that the X-Plore app is superb for running and transferring things from your PC to Shield TV (or others)
    You can download say the "HappyChick" apk on your PC, then open X-Plore on your Shield TV, click on LAN, select your PC, open the folder where you downloaded HappyChick , click on it and it will install.
    I find this so much easier than other methods I have tried

  5. I think Opera Browser is the best browser for Shield TV.
    You can use the right stick as the mouse pointer and it has a back button and speed dial which is perfect

  6. I am new to Game Emulators and the Nvidia Shield but this one seems the very best I've seen. Nice interface and I don't have to go to a bunch of other web sites to get games everything is build right in. Thanks for the info… One question could I use this to play PSP game roms?

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