How to Install HAN on Any PS3 on Firmware 4.84 | Super Slim Mod

PS3Xploit returns with another implementation of HAN for 4.84 consoles! HAN, aka etHANol, is a method of modifying EVERY PS3 model out there as long as it has firmware 4.84 or lower installed on it! Keep in mind this is not a CFW (Custom Firmware) so a lot of the convenience and crazy customization you can do with a CFW console you simply cannot do with a HAN console. HAN allows you to have some elevated features, mainly installing your own games as PKG files as long as they have been prepared and resigned appropriately to your specific console. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend a CFW PS3 over a HAN PS3 for any usage, however if you want to play around with this or HAN is your only option feel free to continue with the tutorial.

This tutorial will take you through the entire process of downloading the required files, preparing your USB drive, updating to 4.84 HFW, dumping your console’s ACT/IDPS files, installing HAN, and installing HAN Toolbox. The ACT/IDPS files are extremely important as they are specific to your account/console combination, they will also be needed to resign any packages you want to install to your console in the future!

HAN alone cannot run any homebrew, but HEN can, helping to bridge the gap between HAN and CFW users! Check out PS3HEN for all consoles here:

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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How to Install PKG/RAP Games on HAN | PS3Xploit v3 RIF Activation Tutorial:


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  1. Bro when i install 4.85 hfw on ps3 HEN does not install anyway and ps3 crashes too after updating 4.85 hfw…what can i do? Please help bro..☹

  2. Hey Mario i found something when i click sign up it says that i need the system update so i go to update via internet and it says version 4.85 what do i do ?

  3. what could happens if we failed to jailbreak ps3 superslim? does it only banned from psn and cant play online? or cant play any games and cant turn on ps3?

  4. So if I have Hen I won't need Han so I can make certain games into PKG's? I'm reading everywhere's else that it seems to require Han for making PKG files for certain PS3 backups? I'm trying to do so with SplatterHouse for example need to make a PKG file for it…I'm guessing I can't turn an ISO disc into a PKG file as this game is not in the PSN store?

  5. Should I update to 4.85? The current HFW is for 4.85. My PS3 is slim 4.84 I am mainly going to install this homebrew to dump PSN titles. Can HAN do that?

  6. currently on my 6th dump try, i might not make it boys. hopefully i'll see you on the other side. this will be my last transmission.

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