How to hack any Android Mobile Game using GameGuardian

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How to root and install system apps:
This is a shoort look and tutorial for the mobile game memory editing (hacking) app called GameGuardian and how to use it to cheat in your favorite Android games.

More information and tutorials on cheating on Android mobile devices:

GameGuardian is one of the Best Memory Editors for Android at the moment.

Disclaimer: This will work for most single player games, but will only partially or not at all work for online games that are processed on the game server.

Game Guardian direct Download:


  1. Android only ( i think) Ok a lot of ppl keep asking how u get game guardian I'll explain. If u have root just go to a browser ( google or safari) search game guardian Android download. Then download it. Once it done open it and install it (if it does not show it downloading go to the play store and download "File manager" once done go to download and you should find it there) once its done downloading game guardian open it. it will say root or no root and i think it has one other option too. So if you have root click root if you don't have root click no root. It might install another version of game guardian and than it will ask to uninstall the other ones that fine just do what it tells you. BTW you should already have two apps for game guardian so you will have four. For the ppl without root do all of the same steps except go to the play store and download parallel space. Open it and put game guardian as one of the apps. ( parallel space is an app that creates two version of one apps) Also put another game in there too. Once you do all that open game guardian from parallel space and click start. After that click a game ( open it also from parallel space) and then look up on YouTube how to use game guardian and keep watching until you understand it. Once you figure it out try to edit a value. ( if you don't understand that go watch more lol) Once you try to edit one it might say your using the wrong parallel space or something like that just go to the game guardian link and download parallel space from there and uninstall the one from play store.

    Yes this is a lot a work so do it at your own risk but it is worth it and it works. if you have any questions just ask i will answer Sorry if this is long.
    BTW this took like 20 min so please like if useful and if i forgot the say something or misspell something also tell me.

  2. Game guardian can be used without a rooted phone because i use it and my phone is not rooted but rooted phones lets game guardian hack games easier and not get banned

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