How the Xbox Adaptive Controller empowers gamers

The new Xbox Adaptive Controller was designed for – and with – gamers with limited mobility, empowering gamers to play the games they love with their friends. In this video, Sean Marihugh shares with CEO Satya Nadella how the device enables gamers to easily create a custom setup that works for their unique needs.

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  1. I recently bought one of these. I am 54 and having difficulty with my hands, which is getting worse. I've never been able to fully master the proper controller, so I decided to get one of these so I can still play with my son. Linus Tech Tips did a review which pointed out that Microsoft will never make money on this. This is going to be as game changing as the original iPhone. Imagine what Stephen Hawking could have done with one of these. I watched a video of someone with I think MS who could barely move his hands playing a football game with his feet and kicking ass. *This device is an act of love*. Haters gonna hate no matter what Microsoft does, so time to ignore them and appreciate this for what it is – it's the start of an industry of adaptability bringing technology to those who have previously been passed by. Veterans with war injuries, old people with strokes, kids with birth defects – this device is an equalizer.

  2. For some reason the comments are disabled on the other video:
    So this controller looked REALLY stupid (i blame linustechtips)
    But it's nice that microfrost is trying to do something for disabled people, everyone should be able to enjoy what they like properly (mods are a huge help on the pc, stuff like this is, even some devs are starting to put helpful stuff like colorblind mode)

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  4. And now the xbox supports the use of Wii Nunchuck! This reminds me of the NES controller for disabled people, you know, the one you could control without the use of your hands.

  5. This is flat-out the best thing any game company has ever come out with four kids who have disabilities I have to say I am happy that a game company has actually made a controller for kids who have abilities like this to actually game with kids who don't have a disability to make it fair to make it honestly the same for some that don't have the capability of doing what others can do I would be happy to back something like this up and I hope as a Sony PlayStation person that PlayStation make something like this to this is an incredible controller and I think it changes so much of the gaming community making it fair for others to play at the same level as regular people do

  6. I love the commercial featuring the special needs kids playing with the adaptive Microsoft control. It is very inspiring and beautiful. Thank you to the brilliant minds that came up with this commercial!

  7. First of all THIS IS AWESOME!! What you guys are doing. However, I am have been programming and building computers since 1985 on a commadore 64 and apple IIe. I say this because since the revolution, or commonality, of the personal computer I have been disheartened that everyone (especially the industry) thought that all computers had to look and function the same. we were locked in to these lame interface designs. You all have broken the mold for a good purpose. Bout time!!:)

  8. This is an amazing idea. I think that even if you were born as a normal person, you could have a lot of fun with copilot. I just think it’s really fun idea for anyone.

  9. It kinda looks like a dj pad! A kid who needs to use that can say, “I’m a DJ gamer!” 😂😂😂
    (I’m not trying to be offensive.)

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