How SD Cards Work with Android Marshmallow / M / 6.0 with Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – My Nvidia Shield K1 got an early release of the new Android M update. Here’s how SD cards now work with Android.

The change allows for full app installation on an SD card – but the card must be formatted in such a way that it only works with the device that formatted it. So backups are going to be very important moving forward.

What’s interesting is that the storage is flexible – so although the card is melded to its host tablet it can be removed and apps can be installed on the internal storage as well as the card. But the card cannot be used on any other device when formatted as internal storage.

An additional option allows for formatting the card as traditional storage too.

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  1. MYyMoto G4 recognises my new Evo Plus 128gb micro card, however when I format it to Internal storage, and then try to move games etc over from internal to external storage I have a message pop up telling me 'the storage is full', even though it's a brand new sim that's never been used before!! My phone is running Android 7.0 Please can you help me with this issue?

  2. I would like to archive Youtube videos on the external SD card and then be able to use apps to play these videos, is this possible using M 6.x? Second question, can Android allow apps to play media if the SD card is formatted as portable?

  3. I did this on my Nokia 5 and now I can only put Apps onto it. This means I can't use a file browser and look at files on the SD card or when I connect my phone to my PC I also only detect my internal storage. When I connect my Nvidia Shield K1 to my computer I detect both storage devices so what do I do??

  4. Do not upgrade if you do is go to mess up your whole system very hard to get back to the five special if you're flying a drone it's just keep shutting down with DJI app it's very very bad upgrade

  5. Hey, everytime I insert my sdcard, nothing is flashing there, I mean I cant set it up. it just says my sdcard is ready for the media and photos and I cant change it to 'Internal' one.

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