How Does Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One Actually Work?

Rich spoke to Microsoft about how Xbox 360 back-compat and XBox One X enhanced 360 support actually work. We’ll have more on this soon, but in the meantime, here are the top-line facts. Emulation, you say? It’s actually a bit more complex than that…

Watch our full breakdown of Xbox One X enhanced 360 titles here:

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  1. If only the Xbox one was 100% BC with the OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games then this easily would've been the greatest system as of 2019.

  2. As a huge 360 & Gears Fan, Microsoft's BC is absolutely amazing.
    After the 360 i switched to the PS4 in 2013 because i didn't wanted to support MS for their original Xbox One plan.
    But with the One X & BC they won me fully back, so for the first time i switched midgen AGAIN back from PS4 to the One X, and it's amazing.
    Currently i play through some of the best 360 games in better quality then they ever had.
    And with Scarlett on the horizon & confirmation that they will go this way further, you bet I will be on Scarlett day one.
    The shitstorm after their original Xbox one plan & Phil Spencer helped them in the end, and I'm glad that's the case.

  3. I can imagine a play station fanboi being like: shit I better go to the comment section and argue with people that have a different opinion bc I can't accept the fact that xbox actually cares about their customers and doesn't make people buy remastered shit.

    Unpopular opinion: who tf even plays these shitty 10 yr old games (*insert emojis here*)
    I bet if PlayStation had backwards compatibility and Xbox didn't then you probably would have been like:
    Look we can have the nostalgic shit on our PlayStation 4's and you can't (*insert emojis here*)

  4. At 9:00 – "32-bit x86 games need to be re-compiled to work on modern 64-bit x86 CPU's" <- no they don't. Modern x86 CPU's support 32-bit (and yes even 16-bit!) code *natively*. Even if you keep the CPU in 64-bit only, running 32-bit code is still easy to do. Windows 10 PC's have no trouble running 32-bit apps/games, and it does so without re-compiling or emulation. All that's needed is basically a compatibility layer or "shim" for the 32-bit functions mapping them to 64-bit equivalents which work the same way, and ditto with the registers which also have them. Exactly the same thing was done in the days of Windows 2000/XP, these 32-bit operating systems could run 16-bit code designed for Windows 3.xx very well indeed – no emulation needed…

  5. It's all nice and all, but whats the point if you can't purchase and download a digital 360 copy on the xbox one? And its already 2019. What if I can't find a 360 physical copy? I have a Xbox One X, and I just stare at the 360 games in the store. I can't purchase them. Microsoft FAIL.

  6. if you have the disc, Does the xbox uses it to play the game or just as a "license" to run an installed version(what you install with the disc)?

  7. Wait i don't get it you need to have a 360 game and then insert it in xbox one and then it reads it ?

  8. 360 backwards was a disgusting emulation that run the games half the speed then the classic did
    Also was supporting only less graphics demanding games about 30 % of classic amazing laibrary
    Single console backwards compatible was ps2 and ps3 60gb
    Halo and mirror edge wore fully remaked as when you place the original game was downloading 10 Gb pach before game stert

  9. We getting all u xbox games remastered like smhh u buy an 500€ console to play xbox 360 games i mean yea its great but dont u prefer playing gfw uncharted 4 spiderman and im telling that in ps4 we got bioshock 1-2-3, assasins creed 3, liberations, and some more games while yea i honestly prefer buy xbox 360 for 50 € and play all those games in the same quality than the x

  10. It's the reason i changed from playstation to xbox. Tired of loosing my games and having more than one console atached to my T.V. Tired of feeling beeing ripped off!!!!

  11. Why are people treating bacwards compatibility as something new when the Xbox 360 had the same feature as well for playing Xbox Original games? Or am I missing some point to it for this generation of consoles?

  12. Does anyone know how I can play games that aren't part of the backwards compatibility? I bought destiny the taken king for 360 and it says that I can't play it on xbox one. I can't return it cause I opened it already

  13. You shouldn’t need to download anything, and it should work on all games. Terrible BC. Nintendo did it right with the Wii. Sony did it right with the PS2. Why can’t Microsoft do it right?

  14. Microsoft has an awesome back compat. tech, the Xbox 360 had full software emulation of the OG Xbox, compared to the PS3 that had PS2 hardware included with the PS3 for backwards compatibility. Praise MS.

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